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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector " Romantic Approach Selector " by Cupid.

Choose from this list:

Romantically cautious, sets the rules of the relationship, slow to intimacy , prefers a group to the one-on-one situations, may jump to conclusions.

When it comes to love they are a discriminating "shopper". They shop for quality, but do not always recognize true value. Make up for that fault by carefully examining the "merchandise" and soliciting opinions from others. Once they "buy" they don't hesitate to be affectionate.

Cautious in the ways of love, hard to please, love grows from friendship, affable, open-minded, not overly intimate.

Deliberate, demanding, allows friendships to flourish into romance, gregarious, non-judgmental, passionate.

Prudent, demanding, permits friendships to grow into romance, shy, judgmental, reserved.

Carefulness hides a passionate side. Demanding, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, friendly but to a select bunch.

Not quick to start relationships, nor quick to move on to romantic levels,. Has definite expectations in a relationship, but is open-minded.

Guarded romantically, expects their partner to meet certain standards. Their initial standoffish-ness belies a generally open and passionate nature.

Popular, and not cliquish. Is better at the courtship phase than the established phase of the relationship.

Subscribes to the theory that there are lot of fish in the sea. And they are open to trying new fish. Will not hesitate to throw a "fish" back. A surface shyness hides a sensual nature.

Tends to work on making relationships work. An unfortunate tendency to write certain people off upon introduction . Is comfortable within a tight circle of friends and uncomfortable in intimate situations.

Cautious but relaxed, allows friendships to flourish into romance, gregarious, judgmental, passionate.

Self-protective to the point of being timid in dating situation. Easy-going, but not out-going. Makes quick assessments of new people. Maintains a distance until they finally warm-up to a stranger.

Will devote energy to the right relationship. Quick to fall in love, although having to overcome an innate shyness is a somewhat of strain when entering into a relationship.

Accepting of all people but somewhat standoffish. Maintains a "proper" distance in dating situations. When in a relationship will go the extra mile to make the relationship work.

Impetuous, but quick to say "let's just be friends" if a relationship appears not to be working out. Not quickly stirred to passion. They maintain a small circle of friends.

Decisive after thoughtful evaluation of the situation. Has not the met the person who fulfills their needs. Warm to friends. Can quickly kindle the fires of a new romance.

Spontaneous, demanding, allows friendships to flourish into romance, shy, non-judgmental, passionate

Rash, demanding, better at being a good friend than boy- or girlfriend. A close circle of friends will attest to that fact.

Impulsive but knows what they want. It is not unusual when friends become love interests--which is an extension of their generally open genial nature combined with a passionate side.

Quick to fall in love. Friends first and last, and may allow that friendship to develop into something more. Open and warm. Good self-esteem causes them to be demanding of their partners.

Throws caution to the wind, demanding, allows friendships to flourish into romance, gregarious, judgmental, reserved

Impulsive, demanding, allows friendships to flourish into romance, gregarious, non-judgmental, passionate.

Aloof but uncomfortable when not in a relationship. Knows what they want in a relationship. Tends to focus on the romantic side of the relationship rather than sustaining it.

Not especially selective in finding a mate, but demanding once they do, friendship comes before romance, out-going in groups, non-judgmental, slow to warm-up in intimate situations.


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