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graphComicsComics Poll: X-Men Charcter Connector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "X-Men Charcter Connector" by art fearie.

Choose from this list:

Storm - Weather Controller and is African American
Cyclops - Shoots red lightning bolts out his eyes
Professor X - created X - Men and can read, control, and manipulate minds
Gambit - Can use cards as bombs and sometimes dates Rogue
Nightcrawler - Is blue with a tail and can "poof" to different places
Jean Grey / Pheonix - Can move things with her mind, small mind reading ability
Beast - A, well, beast with blue hair and can jump high level and is very intelligent
Spyke - A skater, African American, and can shoot quils out of skin
Shadowcat - Can walk through walls and Nightcrawler has a crush on her
Rogue - Can absorb a person's energy and mutant's ability and must wear gloves at all times
Jubilee - Young and can shoot fireworks out of her hands, always wears a yellow coat, and might be African American
Wolverine - Unlimited healing ability, had metal put through his skeletal system which makes metal claws come out of hands, likes Jean Grey


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