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graphHumorHumor Poll: What Kind of Name Should You Have?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Kind of Name Should You Have?" by Cat MoonShadow.

Choose from this list:

You’re an airhead - Brittany, Kimberly, Tiffany or Wendy
You’re a dreamer - James, Caitlin, Mortimer or Lucy
You’re an intellect - Beatrice, Christopher, Horace or Jennifer
You’re a mystic - Rheannon, Isabella, Aurora or Ignatious
You’re a nerd - Archibald, Dexter, Arthur or Edith
You’re a snob - Eleanor, Margaret, Bartholemew or Edward
You’re a tomboy (especially if you’re male ^^) - Grant, Lance, Charlene or Annie
You’re a traveller - Connor, Lucas, Morris or Christine
You’re an athlete - Ryan, Curtis, David or Hannah
You’re a dancer - Adriana, Cristobal, Gabriella or Cathrine
You’re normal (gods forbid! O.O) - Alexander, Sarah, Susan or Scott


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