Education Poll: What Math's Symbol are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Education Poll: What Math's Symbol are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphEducationEducation Poll: What Math's Symbol are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Math's Symbol are you?" by Mathletes.

Choose from this list:

Ooh you're the ever so yummy Pi. You're never rational, but a popular within your circle of friends.

Lamda: You're a pretty little updside down y thingy. You often feel as if people don't understand you.

Sigma: You lucky thing, you're sigma. You like to add up the total of things, because it is fun. You can also be used for standard deviation. JOY!!!!!

x You're the sign for multiplied, you lucky thing.

S: Used in the adorable suvat equations to represent distance. You can be long, you can be short, but you have a song about you. Surely you are a celebrity.

U: You're the letter for initial velocity. You're a fountain of wisdom and good ideas, but can sometimes be overshadowed.

mu - you're the coefficient of gravity matey! You can be a bit opposing at times, but you do have a cool name.

A: You are the letter for acceleration. That means i must sing. STOP RIGHT NOW! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I NEED SOMEBODY.... ahem....moving on...

Anyone fancy a cup of T? You're the letter for time. Be patient, my friend, be patient.

e is a magic number! Oh yes it is! It's a magic number.... Okay. Well you won't stand for anyone differentiating or integrating you, you go...erm..symbol!

Ooh you are the ever mysterious x. You represent an unknown number......oooohhhhh.....mysteeeerrryyyy........

You = er, =. You're very decisive and and always there to help in an equation. You may not be the rarest of symbols, or the most interesting, but you are incredibibily fame-ridden.

Always the optimist, you are +. You're warm and friendly, or at least appear so, and are nice to have around.

You can be a bit pessimistic and are -. Still, I like the minus sign. It's so nice and simple. Erm... can't think of anything else to say.

You are /. I couldn't finmd the proper divide symbol. Oh well. You can be top heavy sometimes, and can be denominating (hahaha). You can be very long and complicated when you feel like it.

You are a nice friendly Pair of Brackets. You like to hug things. A lot. HUGGLES!

You can be confused sometimes, and there are a couple of completely different sides to you. You are quite indecisive, and often don't know which way to turn.

y oh why! You are a y! Another mysteerrrious unknown number, or an axis I suppose. Personally, though, I think you might live in the shadow of x. What do you think?

You are the lovely log! You are never seen on your own, and change depending on who you are with at the time.

It must be a sin! You are sin! You have a lovely looking graph, with nice little peaks, but are an aquired taste. Like marmite, you're either loved or hated.

You are.....cos! You often find yourself making up excuses for things, and are often found with other people like sine. You enjoy triangles, but then again, WHO DOESN'T?!?!?!

You're a bit of a wierdo, and are tan. You are usually found in a group of three people, but you're the most original one. Oh and where sunlotion dag nab it!

You are a vector. Sometimes you can be left out or forgotten, but you really are important. Come on, stand up and say I AM IMPORTANT!!!!!! especially if someone else is in the room. hehehe.

You are an angle. Yes you are that little triangly shaped thing. People know a lot of gossip about you, but you don't care. You are also usually found in a group of similar people. I suppose you're the maths equivalent to a cheerleader.

You are an indice. You would love to be powerful and strong, and like to make your presence known. You are very helpful though, and always work with someone else.


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