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graphHorrorHorror Poll: What Halloween costume are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Halloween costume are you?" by Halloweiner.

Choose from this list:

Snooki or The Situation from the Jersey Shore
Lady Gaga
Iron Man
Woody or Jesse from Toy Story. DYI with appropriate cowboy outfit, boots, cowboy hat, etc. and pull string.
Ghost. DYI with old sheets, preferably stain-free.
Political masks and costumes: Obama, Sarah Palin, etc.
Michael Jackson
Frankenstein's monster. Available at costume shops, but a creative person could assemble costume with thrift store clothing and glued-on Styrofoam neck ''bolts''.
Cereal Killer. DYI with large cereal box with hole cut out for your face. Carry toy gun or knife.
Tea Party member. DYI with goofy political sign, tea bags adorning your hat.
Facebook. DYI with your face poking out of a ''book''.
YouTube. DYI with large box with front cut out to expose your head and shoulders. Decorate box with YouTube logo, buttons, progress bar, border, etc. You are the ''video''.
Charlie Sheen. Dress like the former ''Two & Half Men'' star. Talk about ''winning, duh'', ''my big beautiful warlock brain'' and ''tiger blood''.
Kim Jong Il. Ideal for a kid or other short person. Wear grey shirt/jacket buttoned to neck, large glasses. Poof up black hair like the North Korean leader.
Octomom. Wear multiple baby carriers holding eight baby dolls.
Groucho Marx. DYI with greasepaint mustache and eyebrows, baggy suit and the classic eyeglasses with built-in nose.
Michelle Bachmann. For the female with the proper looks. DYI with lots of red lipstick, blazer and skirt. Adopt her ultra-conservative, wide-eyed personna.


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