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graphLoveLove Poll: Which Fictional Dude is Right 4 U?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Fictional Dude is Right 4 U?" by Kylie.

Choose from this list:

Ethan- The stunningly gorgeous guy with a troubled past. He's sooooooo hot... "NOOOOOOOOOOOO~ HE'S MINE!" comes the inevitable screech of his overprotective girlfriend and match, May.

Shawn- The part demon cutie who has paranoia issues, is a hypochondriac, and falls in love easily--and that's about the gist of him.

Michael B. - Okay, he isn't fictional, but he sure is weird! Girls are in love with him right and left, and he is a very good actor who can make anyone laugh. However, a certain someone writing this description doesn't particularly enjoy his prescence...

Ron- Over-shadowed by his famous best friend, Ron has some definate self-esteem issues. He has a hilarious personality, though!

Michael- He's the alcoholic, abused, sad little thing who everyone pities. He cries at night, though looks tough and emotionless by day to hide his traumas. He may not sound too apprealing, but you just gotta love this guy!

Nat- a pathetic moron, just like you! If you were actually chosen to have him, you are obviously a messed-up and desperate freak.


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