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graphWrestlingWrestling Poll: Which WWF wrestler are you like?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which WWF wrestler are you like?" by Karma.

Choose from this list:

Chris Jericho - You are Chris Jericho, you're the best in the world and you have the ego to prove it! You prove to EVERYONE that YOU are the absolute best even when everyone else doubts you.

Jeff Hardy - You are the true defination of extreme, taking crazy risks, and looking danger in the face all to follow your dreams

Triple H - You are the game, and you are THAT DAMN GOOD, and you can back it up, too, even if you aren't the most well liked person.

Scotty 2 Hottie - You are Scotty 2 Hottie. You love to party hard and get with your friends.

Rob Van Dam - You are a laid back guy. When trouble looks for you you take care of it, but mostly just love to be your awesome self.

Spike Dudley - Even when the odds are against you, you will stand up for what you believe in and you have amazing courage.

Vince McMahon - You are THE BOSS! Everyone kisses your feet and you love it. Anyone that crosses you has NO CHANCE IN HELL.

Booker T - You feel like your always being disrespected even though you KNOW you you're better than everyone else.

Stone Cold Steve Austin - You are Stone Cold. You do whatever you want whenever you want, and you can annoy people by saying "What??" over and over and over and over...

The Rock - You are the people's champion. You love the people and they love you. You can entertain people when you want to , and be serious when you have to be.


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