Humor Poll: Whos your DADDY??? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Humor Poll: Whos your DADDY??? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
HumorHumor Poll: Whos your DADDY???
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Whos your DADDY???" by EEEEEK.

Choose from this list:

Einstein-your daddy's a genius! possibly a bit scary (look at that hair!) but a celebrity just the same.

Bill Gates- another genius...a complete geek, but who cares? hes RICH!!! ahem....aside from benefitting...a lot....financially, he is also very loyal, caring and owns nice cars.

Tree Hugger- other nature blessed your dad with the ability to understand the animals and trees! arent you lucky? but honestly, being a vegetarian helps keep you thin! and remember, REAL MEN DONT HUNT!...(much)

Lazy Bum-forget work (besides putting up the hammock and finding the remote). Your dads all about finding 24/7 bars, and playing games...drinking games.

Joe Shmoe- nothing special about your hmmm, sort of like a bear...a golfing bear.

Crazy Nun- after years of badness, your dad wants to find peace with the lord *pleasent backround music* and forever serve those less fortunate! he considers himself 'father teresa'...with a Harvey motorcycle!!

Jim Carey-insanely funny, AND rich! jeez, you have it made! but, dont complain when you have to battle huge mobs of screaming teenagers.

Crazed Football Player- your dad fits the 'stupid jock' stereotype all too well. highschool drop out, womanizer, and an accomplished kazoo player, your dad cant stand being wrong! anger management problems in this kid...i mean, man.

Ozzy Osbourne- king of darkness, and mad rich, you will feel right at home with this fellow in the UK! but, beware of saftey pins and dangerous clothing pieces.

Nitwitted Screwball- this daddy (poor soul) has the brains of a coo-cooburo and is often seen doing very stupid things. if he becomes insane, put on your hard hat, call the insane asylum, and watch for flying objects aimed for you.


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