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graphTheatreTheatre Poll: Grease
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Grease" by hobie.

Choose from this list:

doody-aything for a laugh but you look up to others alot with a good heart.

jan- food!!!!! loud n pushy..yet yure shy around boys

frenchy-what a dreamer, yet you're an airhead at heart!

kenickie-u think youre tough yet youre very emotional inside. give it up!

sonny-what a macho think all the ladies are dropping to the floor for you!

sandy-you're naive with a good level headed mind..a 100% sweetheart...but everyone better watch out for u in the end!

danny-you're cute and would do anything fr your're a leader

marty-the hottest of them all..everyone moves to side to let u pass first..

rizzo-a natural leader with a sof sid..youre sarcastic and detest sweet people

roger-fooodd!....youre good a heart but a big goof off!

patty-perfect! perfect! perfect!

eugene-class val! books, glasses n pocket protecters, thats you. but your sweet


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