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graphMythologyMythology Poll: What magical creature are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What magical creature are you?" by Gennie A..

Choose from this list:

Hydra: You always have many was to approach a situation. If mommentarily defeated, you'll gather up reinforcements and launch an even stronger attack than the first!
Siren: You use your art and your body to draw other people to you, so they can't see the real situation. When they get too close, they fall into your trap, and you wait for a new victim.e,
Mermaid: You're sorta like the siren, except not so evil. You're usually peaceful and loving. You love preening yourself to look nice. You're usually sweet and shy.
Pheonix: You are a very noble person, majestic to be around and commanding and regal. You go along fine, but every so often you get into a really heated argument, which causes a small downfall in attitude on your part. But don't worry; you'll always rise from the ashes every time!
Dragon: You love pretty or valuablle things; you're a packrat. You can never throw anything away, and boy are you posessive! You protect yourself with a fiery temper. You like to pout. You have to make sure you're not a bully, though.
Unicorn: You're gentle and shy. You usually don't talk much and aren't very social. You are secluded and mysterious, but if someone nice takes the time, patience and kindness to know you better, they can have a really meaningful relationship with you.
Centaur: You love running, and you're very athletic. You love sports, especially archery. You can be wise and knowledgeable, but you can also turn out being a rude brute. Be careful that you don't get too pushy! You're usually in your own group of friends, which is a little cut off from everybody else. You're very irritable at times, and grumpy.
Yeti: You are a lone wolf, thought of us wierd, strange, and brutish (though you might not be). You're usually off in your own place doing things. You hate groupwork.
Were-Rat: You like scavenging things. You're a bit of a meanie, and you tend to hide behind your friends. You're always adept at sneaking around to do whatever you want. You like cheese.
Naga: You are very mysterious and sexy in your own way. You are very smooth, but you get irritated easy. People should be careful around you. You can be mean, and your words have a poisonous affect on othersm so watch what you say!
Scylla: You are person who throws temper tantrums (don't deny) and you hold grudges forever. You visciously attack whomever you have a grudge on forever, and in mean and nasty ways. You don't forgive easily.
Chaos Beast: a confused jumble of everything. That's you.
Chimera: You're a busy person, you always have to be or look everywhere at once, and this lifestyle makes you grumpy. You sometimes get so bad people just want get away from you, so be nice!


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