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graphTheatreTheatre Poll: What Nifty Fifties Character Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Nifty Fifties Character Are You?" by Sherry.

Choose from this list:

Muffin Mansfield, school snob
Gracie Stanley, Hero
Ziggy Springer, Pop Icon
Sherry Taylor, Extra Sweet Pal of Gracie
Karen, Brainiac Pal of Gracie
Susie, Brainiac Pal of Gracie
Evelyn, Sweet Pal of Gracie
Patsy, Sweet But Ditzy Pal of Gracie
Rosemarie, Doubtful But Sweet Pal of Gracie
Bob Stanley, Comical Brother of Gracie; on the Run from Sinbad, Local Biker Bully
Louise, Kind Friendly Manager of Louise's Luncheonette
Diane, Snobby Friend of Muffin
Ann, Snobby Friend of Muffin
Violet, Snobby Friend of Muffin
Ellie, Snobby Friend of Muffin
Jane, Snobby Friend of Muffin
Donald Spinney, Soda Jerk
Sinbad, Local Biker Bully
Jughead, Funny, Friendly Pal of Gracie
Geogre, Silently, Adorable Basketball Player;Has a Crush On Gracie


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