Anime Poll: Escape From Gally Character Selector Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Anime Poll: Escape From Gally Character Selector Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Escape From Gally Character Selector" by trippywood.

Choose from this list:

tripwood - Self proclaimed ladies man. Arrogant, disliked by most. Likes fire and swords. Pushed forward by his lost love's last words. Manages to piss off most people, especially Karma and Ruby.

kirkis - Elemental wizard, brother of Karma. Friendly, nice and all around great guy. Ticked off easily, likes Fany Star. Elf.

gally - Goddess of death hate and suffering. Mother of Nova, enjoys plotting destruction and eating human flesh. Self called "Cutest of all Goddesses" She will oh so love seeing you squirm before you die, human.

nova - Gally's daughter. Retains most of Gally's "qualities", save her hatred and evil. Hated by her mother, all she wants is to be on good terms with her again. Fights for the heroes side, explaining her mother's concern. She seems to be in love with Karma, but her heart sometimes is seen torning between him and Tripwood. Likes bikinis. Vulnerable Goddess.

sano - Shaman extraordinaire. Can manipulate and summon any kind of undead, including demons. Kinda obssesive about it though. Likes power. Human.

shadow - Vampire ninja. Likes to sneak and stab people with his katana. Enjoyer of women, he has a halfling angel/vampire daughter, which he loves deeply. Can be trusted most of the time.

mirade - Ex gladiator slave, Mirade is the perfect representation of the words "Angry bitch". She'll kill you in a second if you piss her off, favorite expression is WREN! She has a softer sie to her though, but mostly only shown to Tchan.. Human.

anastasia - Create girl. She can summon most anything out of her own fantasies. Likes cheap toys and pink things, she's hyper enough to destroy citadels. Childish, but has a heart of gold. Hates perverts, looooooves food. Human.

beyonce - Starstruck banshee. She hopes to achieve the rank of super singing star one day, but her voice is often contested, for it can bring harm to all those who opposse her ear's. Feeds on other's sadness, she's the depressed best pal.

tchan - Clumsy secret swordman. Although he tries to hide it, Tchan is a master swordman, one of Tchetcheko's strongest. He fell in a demon chasm as a teenager, and has been blind ever since. He has long adapted to it, and lives easily now. Clumsy, very clumsy. Likes big feathered hats. Royal elf.

gatzlinger - Tripwood's father, striving to find his son back after he dropped out of school to purchase his dreams. Even though he's grumpy, he is a considerably nice elderly fellow, but dosen't tolerate today's damn punk kids. Always getting into trouble, complains a lot. Human.

kenshin - Evil Angel. Kenshin is a dark angel, mastering both holy and dark spells. He believes himself to be the universe's most beautiful being. Very arrogant and self absorbed, he's rival with Tripwood. One of Gally's main henchmen. Don't remove his necklace, his true form might just be too difficult to handle.. Angel-Demon.

erya - Adoring Groupie. Kenshin's number one fan, she's the second part of the duo. She follows him everywhere, much to his dismay. He couldn't care less about her, but she's fixated that one day he'll love her back. Very protective of him, she won't let anything get in her way. Pretty much Kenshin's personal slave.

ruby - Demon Bartender. Ruby loves 3 things in life. Money, money and money. She's not affraid to use any of her charms to get it, countless ex-mariages with old rich men occupy her past. They all died in mysterious ways some time after the weddings though.. Bisexual, she'd love to get in Nova's pants, bringing rivalry with Tripwood and more annoyance to Nova. Demon.

tuyaho - Skeleton shaman. Her speciality is animating skeletons. Always those damn skeletons. One of Gally's henwomen, she'll always be there when you least want to see her. Hated by everyone, she often finds herself getting carried away in a storm of bone.

dracky - Halfing Dragon-Human. Thunder dragon, liked by all for his loyal temper. Steady and intelligent, he has but one weakness. Booze. Member of Alcoholics Annonymous.

yue-sun - Lord Animal. Fany star's son, Yue is more talented in the intelligence domain then his mother. As an animal lord, he can transform into any animal that exist, but his main look is a fox. Loves Kirkis, which he considers his daddy. Tends to go towards the darker side.

fany star - Queen Animal-Lord. Yue -sun's mother, she's a happy go lucky lone survivor of her race. She's playful and nice, but not quite bright. Loves Kirkis as a best friend would. A fact that Tripwood often mocks, hinting to more then a friends only relation.

pakmoon - Space creature from the moon. Pakmoon is a happy and joyous little guy, that comes from one of the moons surrounding Tchetcheko. His structure is short and round, his favorite mode of transport is rolling or bouncing.

prisma - Indescribable. Prisma fell in a demon chasm as a child, which marked him forever since. He can't really be considered as someone, well... sane. Badminton playing flying peppermints anyone?

ice kenshin - Ice Bard. Ice kenshin may first look like a helpless bard, but his power resides much more deeper then that. When his necklace is removed, his true demon form is unleashed, leading to loss of control. But hush, he dosen't know that. And we intend to keep it that way.

carlos - Self-proclaimed Lengedary Artist. Carlos believes himself to be the smartest, most talented and most cultured man of all Tchetcheko. He dosen't take well to any arrogance outside his own. Cursed human to live forever as he keeps painting, he has mastered magic paint, and can bring life to any object with a swish of his giant brush.

polychinelle - Quiet. Tends to be annoying and cry. Loves Kirkis, but he wishes she'd just get lost. Sounds bad? It is.

karma - Witch of Sarazard. Karma used to work for Gally's husband, dark king Sarazard, but Sarazard's control over him was broken, allowing him to make his own decisions in life. He's most likely to be described as vegged-out 90% of the time. His favorite phrases are "I don't care" and "Shut up". Dresses in witch's skirt and stockings, pointy hat and broom included. Seems to be in love with Nova. Dislikes Tripwood most of the time, a feeling that is equaled back.


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