Television Poll: The Accurate FRIENDS Character Quiz!!! Which Friend Are You? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Television Poll: The Accurate FRIENDS Character Quiz!!! Which Friend Are You? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
TelevisionTelevision Poll: The Accurate FRIENDS Character Quiz!!! Which Friend Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "The Accurate FRIENDS Character Quiz!!! Which Friend Are You?" by Rachel.

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Phoebe Buffay - You may not be the sharpest or smartest card in the deck and might even be referred to as "that bimbo" from time to time. However, your sweet and kooky attitude, off-beat sense of humour and kindness towards all living things will win over your friends. You are dreamy, spiritual and you love peace and harmony. However, you also have a dark side which should not be ignored. Occasionally, you have a tendency to refer to things that make your friends feel that maybe you're not as sweet and innocent as everyone thinks you are! However, you must beware of your tendency towards overly self-centred behaviour. It would do you well to keep in mind that the world does not revolve around your problems, heartaches and every personal crisis! Nevertheless, you have been through some tough times in life and you have the right stuff and enough pizzazz to prove to everyone that you're a true survivor!

Monica Gellar - You tend to be anal retentive, slightly bossy, compulsive and competitive - even with your friends! But you are also hardworking, maternal, determined, focused and independent. You may find that you have been unlucky in love most of your life, but hang in there because Mr. Right is just around the corner - a man who can appreciate a strong woman like yourself. Your domestic abilities, maternal instincts and housekeeping skills make you a great wife though you prefer to be in control of the relationship, which can prove intimidating to many men. Some people perceive you as tomboyish, perhaps because you can be as tough as a guy. Maybe even tougher! You are also quick and agile and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Your attention to detail makes you a wonderful cook and great at organizing events! You also make a good hostess. Ambitious, you strive to be the best at whatever you do. Despite your strength, you do not compromise on your femininity. There's

Rachel Green - Your friends love your bubbly and sociable demeanor. You are a girl's girl and you love chatting on the phone, shopping sprees and pampering yourself silly. However, you can also be a bit of a spoilt Daddy's girl and you sometimes forget that others don't have as much money as yourself. You are high maintenance, love travelling and suntanning on exotic faraway beaches. You also adore the finer points of style and fashion. You love clothes and have great taste and sense of personal style. Friends often seek you out to help them in co-ordinating outfits and to go shopping! You are attractive and have no trouble finding men. However, you are picky with dates and select men based on stringent criteria which makes it difficult for most men to satisfy you unless they are good looking, rich, have good careers and glowing personalities all at once. You might also be guilty of being too materialistic at times and of judging a book by its cover. Still, while you have been spoilt

Joey Tribianni - Friends shake their heads at your inability to grasp the more complex things in life but those suits you fine. You're a simple good-natured guy who will be the first to admit that he ain't the cleverest thing since Einstein. And what do you need big facts and figures for anyway? You're an ACTOR! And not just any actor. You're Dr Drake Rammoray in Days of our Lives! You love yourself but you're not snobbish or arrogant. You're just secure enough to love yourself for who you are. If other people think you're a himbo (and with good cause), so be it! THEY have never been on the cover of Soap Opera Digest! You're easy-going and you don't take things too seriously. You love your women and have been known to be a notorious serial dater. However, it's not because you are a heartless cad. You have just never met a woman that can sustain your interest long enough. And to make up for it, when you fall in love, you are capable of being the sweetest guy, going out of your way to d

Chandler Bing - Wit and humour is your thing. You try to see the funny side of everything in life and you are always armed with a wisecrack. Even when unlucky in love, you are still able to find humour in your situation and take the mickey out of yourself. Your problem is your inability to take much in life seriously. You may also come across as a little unfeeling and insensitive at times. It is difficult for those around you to penetrate your humorous facade and discover your true feelings, so you sometimes come across as cold and shallow. This is not true and you have a deeper side to you. However, you have been hurt too much in life to open yourself up so easily again. You did not have the happiest childhood and your dysfunctional family has left a lasting effect on you. You use your wits to keep yourself entertained in your boring humdrum job but beware of annoying colleagues who may wish to take things more seriously than yourself. You long to do something interesting with your

Ross Gellar - The opposite of your best friend, Chandler, you take everything in life much too seriously. But you are also sweet, caring, goofy, sincere, loving and sensitive. You are a good father to your children even though you have difficulty hanging on to your wives. When you fall in love, you really fall head over heels. You often develop a huge crush on somebody but lack the courage to pursue it actively. Your shyness holds you back from going all out to get what you want. But when you do get the girl, you are an intense and loving boyfriend who would do almost anything for the one you love. Be careful of your tendency to over react. You need to curb your needy, jealous and possessive tendencies! You also tend to be a tad long-winded and overly consumed with your own worries and problems. You make up for this by often putting aside your own comfort for the benefit of those you love. You can be a bit of a geek and might even be perceived as a loser by some, but even though you


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