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graphWeirdWeird Poll: What type of freak are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What type of freak are you?" by Arius M. Imagene.

Choose from this list:

Rebellious Freak: You are SO a rebel! You'll do anything to go against authority. You cares if you've been arrested a few times, you are totally a punk!
Fun Freak: You aren't really dangerous, but man do you scare people. When people pass by you, they try to walk on the other side of the street. There's something about your eyes that says you lost your marbles. That's okay, though, because you just smile brightly and tell them you do whatever your Rice Crispies tell you to do!
Dark Freak: You are dark and disturbed. Who knows if your dangerous? They don't fear you have a weapon, but they door fear you'll utter some ancient spell and turn them into a toad. You are SCARY!
Neat Freak: How do you live? There is no dust, no dirty clothes, no books out of order! And it doesn't stop at that; you organize other people's stuff! Well, there's one thing you forgot to put in a safe place, and that was your mind.
Animal Freak: Cats on the shelves, fish in the tub, squirrels in the plants. It's normal for you house. You see an animal that needs a home and you take it in. You can't just walk into a pet store cuz you'll walk out with ANOTHER pet! But beneath all the fur, scales, feathers, fins, and whiskers, there's a good heart. Either that or the remains of your family.
School Freak: You are what many call a perfectionist. Anything below an A is unacceptable. If your teacher refuses to raise the grade, you just may burn the school down. The teacher knows you'll always have the answer. You're weekends are homework. Under all the papers may be a life, but we don't know!


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