Education Poll: Which Polygon Are YOU? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Education Poll: Which Polygon Are YOU? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
EducationEducation Poll: Which Polygon Are YOU?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Polygon Are YOU?" by Adina.

Choose from this list:

Equilateral Triangle: Oh, how I'd love to know you. Your balanced personality puts people at ease when speaking with you. Your neutral opinions and sensitive soul allows you to break boundaries which have been placed around you, in a good way. You do not test the limits, nor do you break them. They break for you.

Square: Rigid? Not quite. Methodical? Maybe. Straightforward? Absolutely! You are true to the person within, as well as the people without. When a friend is seeking advice, you are the one to turn to. You do not care whether or not your actions are accepted by the world. You care whether they are accepted by you. True as it may be, you are one heck of an individual.

Pentagon: Boy do you follow the yellow brick road. Naive at heart, innocent in spirit, your personality can bathe a room of thick darkness in bright sunlight. Clearly, you are the one to turn to for compassion and care.

Hexagon: Oh, don't try and hide it! You're the one with the poker face, aren't you? Yes. Yes. You were born with the gift of flattery and deception, yet your wisdom allows you to use them for good only. Others wish they had your sly sense of mannerism and your chic way of speaking. Evidently, you are the life of the party.

Heptagon: You are truly an inspirational individual. Clearly, your ability to transform the most depressive situations into a whirling maze of life and laughter, is what makes people find so intriguing about you. Clearly, you provide for them what others can not. Optimism.

Octagon: So you find yourself compulsively switching channels.

Nonagon: Do the words, "I double dare ya!," send an exciting rush of adrenaline through your veins? Of course they do! From the moment you were born, you had the world figured out. Your vast knowledge and daring nature can charge you up to the point of impatience, but you know when to let it go and when to hold on. For you, life is a game. And you play it with all aces up your sleeve.

Decagon: Ooo, mysterious, aren't we? You keep things inside, causing an air of mystery to eminate from your very soul. For some this can serve as a weakness, but for you, oh, it's your greatest strength. The gazes you recieve from others, complete strangers, are gazes of sheer fantasy, wishing they knew more about you. What a turn on you are.

Dodecagon: Chilled. Cool. Calm. Others absolutely adore you for your careless attitude towards the most stressful situations. They envy that you possess such a wonderful trait, while they just can not help but worry. Your attitude lends an air of peacefulness, making everyone want to be with you in times of distress. Apparently, this trait has allowed you more than just peace. It has allowed you freedom.

Pentadecagon: Some follow their heads. But you, well, you follow your heart. It may be proven that 1+ 1 equals 2, but if it somehow just doesn't sit right within you, you will make that known. Your powerful personality, yet gentle approach, provides for your friends an everlasting support system. Truly, your heart is made of gold.


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