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graphPetsPets Poll: Which Famous Dog Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Famous Dog Are You?" by Ace The Wonder Dog.

Choose from this list:

The Taco Bell Chihuahua
Spuds MacKenzie, Bull Terrier, the Budweiser spokes-dog
Paddington, a Golden Retriever, of Bush's Baked Beans commercials.
Chloe from ''Beverly Hills Chihuahua''
Hooch, the Dogue de Bordeaux costar of ''Turner & Hooch''
Frank the Pug, the alien dog of ''Men in Black''
Buddy, a Golden Retriever, of ''Air Bud''
Friday, a Jack Russell Terrier, of ''Hotel For Dogs''
Benji, a presumed Miniature Poodle-Cocker Spaniel-Schnauzer mix of the film ''Benji''
Milo, Jim Carrey's Jack Russell Terrier in ''The Mask''
Bruiser, a Chihuahua, of ''Legally Blonde'' and ''Legally Blonde 2''
Lassie, a Collie, of ''Lassie'' movies and TV fame.
Pete the Pup, an American Pit Bull Terrier, of the ''Our Gang'' (Little Rascals) series.
Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd Dog, star of film and television
Asta, a Wire Haired Fox Terrier who, of ''The Thin Man'' series.
Toto, a Cairn Terrier, of ''The Wizard of Oz''
Chance, an American Bulldog, of ''Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey'', voiced by Michael J. Fox.
Bo, President Barack Obama's Portuguese water dog.
Beethoven, the St. Bernard hero of the ''Beethoven'' movie series
Old Yeller, a Labrador Retriever/Mastiff mix, the eponymous hero of the movie and book.
Shadow, a Golden Retriever, of the film ''Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey'', voiced by Don Ameche.
Speck, a small mixed breed dog, of ''Pee-wee's Big Adventure''
Lou, a Beagle, of ''Cats & Dogs'' voiced by Tobey Maguire
Krypto, Clark Kent's white, sleek dog in the TV series ''Smallville''
Einstein, Doc Brown's Sheepdog in ''Back to the Future''


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