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graphPersonalityPersonality Poll: are u true emo?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "are u true emo?" by tiffany_death!.

Choose from this list:

Are u shy in public?

Do u usually speak less?

Do u hate to speak loud?

Is ur hobby listening music?

And laying in bed?

Do u like screamo?

Or deathmetal?


Are u a teen?

Do u hate ur parents?

Do u hate rouls?

Do u dislike the world outside?

Do u dislike to eat,drink,fun..or things that keep u alive?

Because ur ready to die sometimes?

Do u like Suicide Silence?

Bring Me The Horizon?

Eyes set to kill?

Do u have emo,goth or metal friends?

Is ur favourite coulour-black?

Do u love darkness?

Do u hate white?

Do u love long hair[even ur a boy]?

Which hide 1 eye or both?

So u don.t want to people see ur sadness?

The last nd the most important question: have u ever cut urself[if u cuted in other places than arms too,congratulations!]?


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