Education Poll: What El Nombré character are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Education Poll: What El Nombré character are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
EducationEducation Poll: What El Nombré character are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What El Nombré character are you?" by Bethy Plops.

Choose from this list:

Little Juan - Bless you. You still can't count, no matter how many times El Nombré teaches you how. Oh well. I don't know how to help you - but I bet I know someone who does!

Mama - You're hard-working and caring. You may not be the most interesting person in the world at first glance, but you have a dark side. C'mon El Nombré has to be little Juan's dad, right?

El Nombré - Counting money in the desert sand! El Nombré! You come down and save the day on your magical whip from nowhere. You may be a bit too fond of cheesy rhymes, but everyone loves you anyway.

Tanto - You're a friendly spider who sounds like a balloon being let down reeeeaally slowly. You're cute and speedy and like to whizz around like there's no tomorrow.

Juanita - One of Little Juan's friends, you are no nonsense and down to earth. You're not going to sell that antique for less than five pence at your jumble sale, no matter how much your teacher begs.

Leonardo de Sombrero the pizza delivery boy - You deliver pizzas. Erm. Not really a major character, but you've still found a place in everyone's heart. Bless. Just make sure that ****** Juan gives you the right amount of money. He's a shifty one, that Little Juan. heheh.

Senior Calculo the Bank Manager: You've really made it in Santa Flamingo haven't you. It just really annoys you that everything in the town costs about five pence. You had a big cash in of a one pound coin the other day and had a party about it.

Senora Fedorra: Hmm the mysterious teacher. Are wedding bells jingling for you and El Nombré? Why on earth don't you teach little Juan to count instead of El Nombré? Is your accent Russian or Mexican? The list goes on...

Maria Consuela Tequilla Chiquita: I always get muddled between you and Juanita. Oh well. You're the shaky voiced young gerbil with a big thing for El Nombré. And a huuuuge, complicated name.

Little Pepita Consuela Tequilla Chiquita: You're small and cute, and also have a huuuuge complicaterd name. In time you will grow up to be a fine young gerbil I'm sure.

Pedro Gonzales: You're Little Juan's best friend, although sometimes you can be snappy, selfish and rude. Still, who can blame you? You're also strangely loveable. Treat them mean and keep them keen I suppose.

Don Fandango: Ooh you nasty guy you. You like to cheat and do anything you can to ruin the beautiful and happy town of Santa Flamingo. You even cheated in an egg and spoon race which, really, is the lowest of the low.

The townsfolk: Yes you are the wonderful townsfolk. Those people who don't get a name but who are a vital part of the cartoon. You lucky thing you.


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