Television Poll: Which Degrassi Next Generation character are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Television Poll: Which Degrassi Next Generation character are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
TelevisionTelevision Poll: Which Degrassi Next Generation character are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Degrassi Next Generation character are you?" by rabidfishy.

Choose from this list:

Emma: your tuff and know what you want, you always stand up for what you know is right and are always trying to improve your grade, your an all around good kid. Thers really no one who dosent like you!

Sean: you act tuff and gruff but on the inside your just asweet kid whos made a few bad desions. but your still just a good kid at heart.

Craig: You go threw life with two thigs: your camra and a smile. You'v been thrw a lot and your still liven life to the fullest.

Joey Jeremiah: your one cool kid, who grew up to be one cool adult that sales cars!

Page: Most peoples first impression of you is "jeez what a *itch" but once they get to know you a little better a better more mature page comes threw.

J.T.: you crazy clown you!

Liberty: you are wayyyyy to bossy and obssed with yourself and grades....why dont you try getting a life?

Jimmy: your an asshole whos obssed with sports and is to rich to realze that world dosent revolve around you!

Ashley: you gone threw so many changes that no onw really knows the real you, maby you should stick to one look for more than a week?eh?

Terry: your sweet, but a little to influnced....try thinken for youself more often. I did like what you said to ice cream boy though!^_^

Kendra: You are deffintly one of the coolest kids at school...your wellrounded and cute and fun and everyone pretty much likes you! yay!

Spinner: *sniff**sniff*..eeewwwww spinner! lol your funny just have a bit of an oder.

Spike: also know as Mrs. Nelson, your an awsome mom or will be someday. your softspoken and very pleasent to be around. very cool.

Dan Raditch : your the bossy, just alittle to bossy...have you met Liberty?

Snake: also know as Mrs.Simpson, your so dorky that your cool.

Hazel: hummm your a little too worryed about what people think about you.

Manny: your young and a little imature but your still pretty long will the inocence last though?

Caitlin: you had a way tramatic childhood...but your nice and have a good heart

Angy: your very childish and love ice cream!

Toby: Your like the side kick who wants to be the hero but never will be...just exept your place trust me the sidekick is just as cool as the hero.

Marcos: your cute, sweet, and totally unavable to girls!

Elley: humm artsy and quite, have a bit of a shell that blocks people out.

Mrs. Quann: No one actually sees how cool you are, but that ok cuz you and I know how totally awsome you are!

Shane: Also know as Emmas mystery's dad, you got hit on the head and now are brain-damged. im sorry!


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