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graphPersonalityPersonality Poll: Which Cityiiz Character are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Cityiiz Character are You?" by Jen.

Choose from this list:

Troy Polk - You are a Insane Demon Cat who is Very Violent, Even Though You don't Mean to be, Mostly, and you tend to keep to Yourself

Kasandra Darkblood - You are a HappygoLucky, Hyper, Raver Fox who is Blue and Has Hotpink hair, You Like Candy,.. alot

Mixis Floyd - You are a Red Fox Who wears a Blue Cape, Your Rather Insane and You love to work on machines and Fix Things

E.Y.O - You are a Robot/Echina who isn't a people person, though you are Incredibly Smart and Witty

F.O.L Darkblood - Your a White Fox with Wings who for good reasons is Consantly in a StraightJacket, Your Insane and Hyper 24/7 and You wear JNCO pants

Mellisa Silver - You are a Purple Cat who Just happens to Be princess of the Cats, You like being Royalty and You have way to Much water in your Bucket, You Dislike Troy

Raz Matazz - You are a Purple Squirrel who Is Very Helpful and Kind, as Well as Hyper, You are Kasandra's Best Friend, You Love Joe!

Tim, Angel Of Death - You are a Green Fox with Red Angel Wings, You are a Evil Person, You find Happyness in seeing Others Suffer, Do you have any heart?

Lizzy Prowers - You are a Red Fox with Blue Hair, You my Friend are a Hippie, which fits nicely as you are Also the Daughter of Thee Mother of Nature Herself

Chris Silver - You are a Small Orange Cat, your like to Cause Trouble For your older Sister Mellisa and You like To hang out with Troy, Your also the Prince Of the Cats

Janpurais Sander - Your a Blue Dog Who Wears Sunglasses all the Time, You are Very witty and helpful, you also tend to keep your Plans to Yourself


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