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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Starcraft Character Are You?" by Maruah.

Choose from this list:

Terran Command Center

Terran Seige Tank

Terran Marine

Terran Medic

Terran Firebat

Terran Ghost

Terran Wraith

Terran Science Vessel

Protoss Nexus

Protoss Probe

Protoss Zealot

Protoss Dark Templar

Protoss Arbiter

Protoss Carrier

Protoss Dark Archon

Protoss Shuttle

Zerg Hive

Zerg Overlord

Zerg Zergling

Zerg Hydralisk

Zerg Creep Colony

Zerg Mutalisk

Protoss Observer

Terran Shuttle

Zerg Drone


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