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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Bourbon kings" by Antigone.

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Henri IV (1553-1589-1610). He put an end to religion war in France and establish peace in France. He married twice and had some famous mistresses such as Gabrielle d'Estrées. He finally was murdered by a fanatic.
Louis XIII, le Juste (1601-1610-1643). He continued his father's work of peace. With Richelieu, he helped artists and establish a strong and centralised royal power.
Louis XIV, le Grand (1638-1643-1715). He ended the nobles' revolt and prevented them from ever having such ideas again . During his reign, French court became a model for all Europe. He is also famous for his mistresses and for building Versailles.
Louis XV, le Bien-Aimé (1710-1715-1774). A weak king who did not care much about his country. Known for his affair with Madame de Pompadour, royal power was put in question by thinkers of the time.
Louis XVI (1754-1774-1792-1793) He was not fit for being king and let his wife's foreigner friends rule. Because he was stubborn, he left no choice to the sans-culottes but executing him.
Louis XVIII (1755-1815-1824) He came back from exile after Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo. Louis XVI's brother partly understood that he would have to deal with ideas from the French Revolution and did what he could about it.
Charles X (1757-1824-1830-1836) The last Louis XVI's brother was a stubborn man who did not care about his people and scorned them. Eventually an angry Parisian people overpowered him and he fled.


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