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graphPetsPets Poll: What does your favorite number say about you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What does your favorite number say about you?" by amber.

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This number shows that you are unique………a mysterious one you are, you tend to seem like a normal person, but are actually unique. 1 people tend to be intelligent and sophisticated, confident but a loner
You can often be childish and sometimes obnoxious. You are a bubbly person that has a good sense of humor. 2 people tend to have below average intelligence.
You are childish at times but intelligent and underneath it all you have a good sense of maturity and enjoy different forms of art
You have a mature nature and can sometimes take yourself too seriously…loosen up, you think of yourself as better than others. You are smarter than the average person but not that much.
You are a little childish and have a playful nature. This number tends to have a average or below average intelligence
hmm….what can I say about you…it varies with this specific number, you tend to be a little selfish, but as I said it varies with the person, most will have above average intelligence also, but this also varies
what a individual you are…you are weird and it seems to show through…you are proud of being unique and look at it as a positive, you don’t take yourself too seriously
You are intelligent and a leader, but you tend to have a dominating nature. You can be a little cold. You are a good decision maker. OR you are a very simple person
It varies greatly with this number, intelligence is usually above average. You are a complex one(you tend to be negative)
As with others this number varies greatly, you tend to have a youthful personality, but other than that you are pretty simple
as with others this number varies greatly, you’re not very mature. You’re a nice person at heart and wish to help others
You are mature, but still you act youthful and have a nice personality
slightly lacking in slightly lacking in confidence and more independent
my what a confident one you are, pretty perky too
you’re nice and have a pretty good sense of humor, but you still tend to be pretty average
you’re are usually pretty mature and have pretty good confidence, you are nice
you have a dark side
mature, pretty average though in most other aspects
above average intelligence, sophisticated you tend to be a little cold and serious even though deep down you are caring
You are mature and have a great nurturing instinct…average intelligence (motherly)


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