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graphHumorHumor Poll: Find your perfect matching word!!!
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Find your perfect matching word!!!" by Loev.

Choose from this list:

Potatoe -- You're fat, you have good taste and you're a soft person. You're also ambivalent. Almost everybody likes you!
Oyster -- At first people are not really attracted to you, but when they meet you they like you...a lot!
Hammer -- You're strong and aggressive and kind of clumsy. You're also stubborn... I don't like you.
Tadpole -- You have no life at all.
Goniometric -- Nobody understands you! You're the intelligent guy you'll probably finish at your teacher's place.
Jewelry -- You're precious and snobbish. You're the best ( in you head)!
Lollipop -- You're cute, nice and sweet! Everybody licks, errr, likes you.
Cassock -- You're perfect! You're always there to help everybody. Well... You know, having fun is not a sin!!!
Crutches -- Everybody can count on you, but when they don't need you anymore, they simply leave you in a closet... until they need you again!
Capital -- As a letter you begin a sentence. As a person you Ruuuule the world... at least you'd like to!


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