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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Tenchi Muyo! Character Selector" by Ryoko-Chan.

Choose from this list:

Tenchi Masaki-The dumstruck chick magnet hero.

Nobody(Raziel Trinity)-Laid back gunslinger who can't decide if he's good or evil.

Ryoko-Love stricken space pirate.

Ayeka-Stuck up princess who hates Ryoko.

Sasami-Only sane female in the house, sister to Ayeka.

Mihoshi-Idiot cop who can't do anything without Kiyonne.

Washu-Lunatic genius who created Ryoko and constantly tortures Tenchi and Nobody.

Kiyonne-Overstressed partner of Mihoshi.

Tsunami-the spirit of Jurai who watches over Sasami.

Ryo-oh-ki-A cute cat/rabbit that turns into a spaceship and a human.

Acheka-Tenchi's mother.

Nobiyuki-Tenchi's father.

Sakura-The girl who Tenchi does fall in love with.

Kain-Ex juirain gaurdian who want's to destroy Tenchi's mother for revenge.

Sion-Nobody's ex partner and the main villain.

Malachor-A monster who want's to get a hold of Tenchi and Nobody's power.

King of Jurai-A stuckup king who likes Nobody but hates Tenchi.


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