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graphLoveLove Poll: What Type Of Suave are you
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Type Of Suave are you" by Ashley .

Choose from this list:

Rushing River! You like a rushing river are smooth, able to get over most obstacles like retarded herring. Its smooth sailing for you man, just like that fencer your ready to save the princess...or very sensitive prince.

Iced Lake! Imagine, standing by a lake in the middle of a cold january. As you remove the snow from the top of the lake, you see a reflection of yourself. This my friend is you. Yes just like Tom the midget you are Iced Lake Suave. Yes friend, once people break through the surface of you, they can see a lot of themselves, a lot of people can relate to you ole buddy! Your quite the realist...that poor platypus. And even tho you might not be a midget, your a midget at heart.

Limeade! You are a sour one MATE! But deep down underneath all that cruelty and meanness you really do have a heart, a heart that only attracts those willing to dig deep down into it. And a lot of people attract to your fiery fiesty one you. But until you find the one thats willing to get under that fiery surface...keep an open mind.

Urban Street Scene! Yes thats you. you beer guzzling huggable hunk. You have a knowlege about the streets, and your grough apperance makes you even more attractive. Your know how and realistic view and quirky sense of humor makes you a great feller.

Cranberry Orange Juice! Imagine waking up on a sunday morning, and having a sip of Cranberry Orange Juice that grand ole' wafful of yours. MMM right? Very sweet but with just enough tang to keep you going back for more. Thats what you are buddy! Your very sweet and attractive in more than one way, but thats not your only endearing quality, your amazing charm, wit and sense of humor makes everyone beg for more. Hellz yeah just like in the know you want him...or i do...


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