Theatre Poll: Which character are you in Jekyll & Hyde? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Theatre Poll: Which character are you in Jekyll & Hyde? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
TheatreTheatre Poll: Which character are you in Jekyll & Hyde?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which character are you in Jekyll & Hyde?" by cantresisthyde.

Choose from this list:

Dr. Jekyll- An ambitious fellow who knows love when he finds it however will abandon it for his work. He is intelligent and poetic. Jekyll pursues the truth at any cost. He would be more "gentle & loving" in the sack.

Mr. Hyde- Jekyll's subconscious animal instinct. He is abusive and essentially evil, BUT OH SOOOOO SEDUCTIVE. Any female with a slight inclination towards the nasty side of thing would fall for him immediately. He is poetic and violent as well as ambitious. He realizes that love is a dangerous game . . . though we are too sure if he REALLY knows how to love. He is defiantly "hard & slow" maybe fast . . whatever could cause more pain for both parties. *wink*.

Sir Danvers Carew- Emma's father an older and intelligent man. He is reasonably possessive over his loved ones, maybe because he doesn't want to lose them. He not very sure of new ideas and contraptions either.

Utterson- A good man and a lawyer. He is Jekyll's close friend and would do most anything to stop him from getting hurt or from hurting others. He is intelligent but rather indecisive.

Emma Carew- The woman engaged to Dr. Jekyll. She is a passionate person who knows love when she finds it. She has a rebellious streak in her she has to be free and places great importance in making her own decisions. She is not weak, obedient or sweet and feels complete with Jekyll by her side..

Lucy Harris- a whore and performer at the red rat. She is young and easily drawn to the darker side (maybe why she is a whore). She is easily seduced by Hyde and falls in love with Jekyll because he is so different from every other man she has encountered. She hates her life at the red rat and is looking for a man to "save" her. She doesn't know who she is.. Finally she is "a disillusioned young soul who wants to make something of her life."

The Spider- The owner of "The Red Rat". He is seedy and abusive. He uses his power in bad ways and is violent . . . not the least bit seductive.

Guinevere- The manageress of "The Red Rat", she is quite inconsiderate and think of herself as better than the whore even though she really is not.

Mr. Simon Stride- The wanna be suitor of Emma. He is rather pompous and protective. Though he does seem to have true feelings invested in Emma's well being..


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