Mythology Poll: What magical Elemental Spirit are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Mythology Poll: What magical Elemental Spirit are you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphMythologyMythology Poll: What magical Elemental Spirit are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What magical Elemental Spirit are you?" by Gennie A..

Choose from this list:

Fire Spirit: You are fiery and passionate. Your emotions are strong. You can argue or debate your way with a will of steel, but you also like to warm and strengthen like the sun giving the flowers strength. You usually accompany tree, flower, stone or mist spirits.

Water Spirit: You are gentle and kind. You love to help others, but ehn you get mad you seethe. You love beauty and smoothnes. You usually accompany light, flower, or mist spirits.

Earth Spirit: You love nature and crafts. You love clay and plants, always healing and helping. You usually accompany tree, plant, floweror light spirits.

Air Spirit: You are light and carefree. You love to dream. You are curious and creative. You usually accompany Water, light, or flower spirits.

Space Spirit: You are quiet and infinite in your thoughtfulness. You are a leader, but you do so with great caution. Ever cautious and observasive, that is you. You usually accompany mist spirits, fog spirits, and almost any other spirits.

Plant Spirit: You love nature. Pollution is a problem you fight to stop. You are creative and loyal, maturing as you grow up. You usually accompany tree, flower, earth or water spirits.

Stone Spirit: You are strong and thoughtful. You are foundation and builder. You are constructive. You are quiet and strong. You usually accompany tree, neautral, or earth spirits.

Flower Spirit: You are an innocent person. You do not lie or cheat, and are loyal and usually wise and submissive. You love beauty and art, and usually accompany light, tree or plant spirits. You are extremely popular.

Tree Spirit: You are strong and uplifting. You are stubborn and mature, always a leader and helper. You are one who cares. You usually accompany light or plant or water spirits.

Turmoiled Spirit; You can be any of the other spirits, but you have many problems in your life. You are provoked to do bad things to keep yourself confident. You fit in with No other spirits but others of the same type. You can still turn back.

Light Spirit: You are wonderful and uplifting. You are positive and always try to make others positve, no matter how negative they are. You fit in with fire, air, or flower or water spirits.

Mist Spirit: You are like a fog spirit, not saying much, but you are light and polite, curious and secretive. You like to hang out with fog, mist, or flower spirits.

Lightning Spirit: You are quick and fiery, striking with you anger your biggest foes first. You are a destructive force of nature. You hang out with light or fire spirits. You don't like tree spirits in the least. Their calmnes and understanding just makes you irritable.

Fog Spirit: You are dreary and shy, lingering and looking, talking in whispers. You fit in with space or mist spirits. Sometimes an air spirit.

No spirit: You are blank emptyness. No personality.You usually don't fit in, but just follow others.

Chaotic Spirit: You are a confused jumble of everything, You can stay anywhere, depending on what form you take. You are tricky and cheating or loyal and true.not sure of you path or spirit

Neutral Spirit: You are a normal person, inbetween everything. You can fit in almost anywhere, except ice spirits and fire spirits may irritate you.

Greed $pirit: You are always wanting for material items and money. You like to be on your own, but stone spirits or fire spirits can tie into you.

Emotions spirit: You are passionate and filled with emotions. When you are mad you are purely angry, when you are sad you are filled with remorse. You usually accompany mist or fire or flower spirits. You can always fit in.


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