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graphCelebritiesCelebrities Poll: Who do you resemble the most in F(x)?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Who do you resemble the most in F(x)?" by rinni64.

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Like Victoria, you are the one who fronts your friendship group, the one who is cool and confident. You have a nice smile that greets people nicely.

You're like Amber! You have a boyish kind of attitude and you're not afraid of what people think of you. Even if you act different or look different, you still are loved by many others!

Similar to Sulli, you are cute and friendly! You're always unique and interesting, and you are very friendly to others that you meet!

Like Luna, you are mature and pretty. You've got a great voice that is strong and low, and you don't like wearing shorts and skirts, but you prefer pants because its more comfortable!

Like Krystal, you are pretty and pure. You look to your siblings for advice and you get along great with them. You lie, wearing girly things like skirts and shorts.


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