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graphMusicMusic Poll: The Emo Test
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "The Emo Test" by Emo boy.

Choose from this list:

You wouldn't happen to be Buddy Holly or James Dean would you??
Stop taking stupid computer tests and go out and start your own Emo band!!!
Your disatisfaction with life is admirable, Rivers Cuomo would be proud!
Coffee shops and goodwill stores are your second home... infact they cant get you to leave!
Tight argyle sweaters are your best friend. poser!
you payed $50 for your outfit? shit....i got mine for free in the dumpster behind goodwill.
Take your blink 182 tickets and get a clue as to what emo is!
Don't deny your EMOtions! if you're not emo....go listen to your britney spears and n'sync.
You're a thug gangster aren't you?


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