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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Zelda character are you?" by Button.

Choose from this list:

You are young link! You often find your self off on a journey of sort, sword in hand, fighting whatever comes your way.

You are the wise owl! Your usally ahead of the curve in planning, but don't consider yourself a fighter.

You are Zelda! Your more the light hearted type. If fighting must be done, you get your body guard Sheik to do it! You probably fall in love with the hero of the day.

You are Sheik! You usally find yourself away from crowds. Your a ninja of sort, stealthy and lethal.

You are Link! Young cunning, you race to destroy evil. People consider you the hero, ready to jump into any battle.

You are Ganadorf! Powerful magic is your tool. Determined to take the top spot through the wroong ways!


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