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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Mystical Ninja :Starring Goemon character are you?" by Akira.

Choose from this list:

You are Goemon! You love going on adventures, and care much about your friends, even if they do get you kicked out of a store...

You are Ebisumaru! You believe you are so handsome that no one can match your beauty, and you think everybody appreciates that.

You are Sasuke! You are mechanical, but that doesn't change the fact you care about your friends! You also have many abilities than not many have.

You are Yae! You have many talents, such as being able to turn into a mermaid. Instead of bragging about them though, you use them to help out your friends.Someone probably has a little crush on you, also.

You are Impact! Being a giant robot ain't half bad, but having to save the world AND make movies at the same time is hard work! Be happy you have a two track mind.

You are Spring Breeze Dancin'! All you care about is yourself, and your talent of dancing. You also want to change the world into a stage so you can show off your dancing abilities, but ladies love you anyways.

You are, Kitty Lily! You only care about yourself, and your dancing moves, and how you look to others. But that doesn't keep people from liking your dancing! ;-)


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