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graphRole Playing GamesRole Playing Games Poll: Arc The Lad III Character Quiz!
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Arc The Lad III Character Quiz!" by Larry.

Choose from this list:

Alec-Your a hero, a bit of a pervert but a hero, Alec will risk his life for everyone
Lutz-The sidekick, your straitfoward even if it hurts their feelings
Theo-Your the sensitive little boy. You collect Monster Cards too!
Cheryl-The Badass, You collect heavy guns like sniper rifles, but she has an attitude
Marsia-The kind hearted magician, Still sensitive and cares about everyone, marsia will sacerfice her life for anyone
Velheart-The Swordsman, Your the strong,quiet muscle guy who wins every fighting tournament.
Anrietta-The rich teenager, You are just like Lutz, but the fenimine version


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