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Cong. Marcy Kaptur, OH - Democrat (mentioned) Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, who represents the Toledo area's Ninth Congressional District in Northwest Ohio, is currently serving her eleventh term in the U.S. House of Representatives. She is the senior-most Democratic woman in Congress and ranks as the senior Democratic woman on the exclusive House Appropriations Committee. She is one of only 76 women out of 535 members of the 108th Congress.

Taxes & Spending: Based on ratings from taxpayer advocacy groups such as National Taxpayers Union and Americans for Tax Reform, this candidate shares very little of their views-about 20%. According to the Concord Coalition, she agrees with a third of their positions on balanced budget issue. She voted against eliminating estate taxes.
"Congresswoman Kaptur criticized President Bush’s so-called economic stimulus plan as tilted in favor of the wealthiest Americans."

Social Services Funding: Voted "no" on HR 7 Community Solutions Act of 2001. Bill would allow religious organizations to compete equally with other non-governmental groups for federal funds to provide social services.

Welfare: The Children's Defense Fund, an organization concerned how poverty and welfare cuts effect children and families, recently gave him a score of 100%. BIPAC, the Business-Industry Political Action Committee gave him a score of 6%.

Security & Terrorism: Voted "yes" HR 3162 Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT) Act.
Voted "yes" on the "Visa Entry Reform Act of 2001", a bill to strengthen counter-terrorism efforts by imposing restrictions on student visas and among other things, it creates a centralized 'lookout' database.

Foreign Affairs: Voted "no" on use of force in Iran. Does not support the concept on a Palestinian state.

Education: Voted "yes" on the No Child Left Behind Act. Agrees that the federal government should tie education funding to local public school performance.

Healthcare: Voted "no" to prohibit cloning of human embryos whether for research or reproductive purposes.

Social Security: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur signed the Pledge to Protect Social Security and Medicare today, committing to protect Social Security from being privatized. "Privatization jeopardizes our promise to retirees and older workers," said Kaptur, who is recognized for her monthly clocking of the Republican raid on the Social Security Trust Fund on the floor of the House of Representatives. Voted for a "lock box" measure, limiting Congress's ability to spend Social Security and Medicare surpluses on any other federal programs.

Illicit Drugs: Compiling data.

Ex-felons' Voting Rights: Compiling data.

Gun Policy: She received "F" from the NRA, and 100% from The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Abortion Policy: She received an 80% score from Planned Parenthood and a 33% score from the National Right to Life Committee.

Environmental Policy: She received a 77% from the League of Conservation Voters.

Minority Issues: She received 71% from the NAACP.

Civil Liberties: She received 66% from The American Civil Liberties Union.


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