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Senator Russ Feingold, Democrat Wisconsin Born in 1953, Feingold was educated in public schools and later attended the University of Wisconsin Madison where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1975. Except for a few years in the late 1970's when he continued his education -- at Oxford University in England as a Rhodes Scholar and at Harvard Law School, both of which he graduated from with honors -- Feingold has lived and worked in Wisconsin. Left his Madison law practice in 1982 to run for office on the Democratic ticket. In his first try for an elective position, at age 29, he defeated a longtime incumbent to take the seat in the Wisconsin State Senate for the 27th District. Feingold was re-elected in 1986 with 63% of the vote. In 1990, Feingold faced no opponent for re-election to a four-year term. In 1992, Feingold upset two-term incumbent U.S. Senator Bob Kasten with 53% of the vote for his first of two terms. Feingold has two daughters, and his wife, Mary Feingold, has two sons.

Taxes & Spending: Based on ratings from taxpayer advocacy groups such as National Taxpayers Union and Americans for Tax Reform, this candidate shares about 21% of their combined views. According to the Concord Coalition, he agrees with two thirds of their positions on balanced budget issue. Voted against repealing the Estate Tax on all households. - Roll Call Vote 197, HR 8, 106th Congress.

Social Services Funding: Compiling data.

Welfare: The Children's Defense Fund, an organization concerned how poverty and welfare cuts effect children and families, recently gave him a score of 82%. BIPAC, the Business-Industry Political Action Committee gave him a score of 0%.

Security & Terrorism: He was the lone senator to vote against the USA Patriot Act last fall, has been its most vocal critic, warning that the act infringes on constitutional freedoms. He also introduced legislation that would put on hold the government's "Total Information Awareness Program".
Voted "yes" on the "Visa Entry Reform Act of 2001", a bill to strengthen counter-terrorism efforts by imposing restrictions on student visas and among other things, it creates a centralized 'lookout' database.

Foreign Affairs: Voted "no" on the Use of Force-Passage a joint resolution that would authorize the use of force against Iraq. Does not favor the formation of a Palestinian state.

Education: Voted "no" on H.R. 1 (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001) Measure Title: A bill to close the achievement gap with accountability, flexibility, and choice, so that no child is left behind. In 2000 made efforts to increase funding for Pell Grants and to combat scholarship scams that prey on students trying to finance their education. A "no" on connecting federal education funding to local public school performance, but introduced the Student Testing Flexibility Act of 2002 (S.2954).

Healthcare: Voted "no" on cloning ban of human embryos whether for research or reproductive purposes.

Social Security: Voted "no" on HR 1259: Social Security and Medicare Safe Deposit Box Act of 1999.

Illicit Drugs: Compiling data.

Ex-felons' Voting Rights: Voted "yes" to restore voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences.

Gun Policy: He received a 10% score from the NRA, and a 100% score from The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Abortion Policy: He received a 100% score from Planned Parenthood and a zero from the National Right to Life Committee.

Environmental Policy: He received a 84% score from the League of Conservation Voters.

Minority Issues: He received a 95% score from the NAACP.

Civil Liberties: He received a 75% score from The American Civil Liberties Union.


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