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  • ARE YOU A PUNK OR A PREP SELECTOR By Danica. Grade A (The questions rang true, and result were accurate. No result links though)
  • ARE YOU A PUNK??? SELECTOR Grade C (The questions were decent, but the answers were to empty ended.)
  • ARE YOU HARDCORE SELECTOR by Ted. Grade B (Even though there are no result links, this test gets down to the nitty-gritty of whether or not you are punk!!)
  • ARE YOU PUNK? SELECTOR by Katie. Grade C (This quiz was simple, but the answers are hilarious)
  • CLIQUES SELECTOR By JV. Grade B (The answers are direct, and the questions are funny)
  • CORRI'S FAVORITE BANDS SELECTOR By CoRri. Grade B (You'll really like this test--with result links, and CoRri has great taste in music!) Includes results links
  • GIRLY PUNK BAND SELECTOR by KaT Vicious. Grade A (You'll really enjoy this selector, and the result links rocked!) Includes results links.
  • GREEN DAY SONG SELECTOR By the worry rock. Grade A (The questions are cool, and the scratchy look of the results were awesome) Includes results links
  • HOW PUNK ARE YOU? SELECTOR By Heather. Grade C (The questions were okay, and the answers could have been better)
  • HOW PUNK ARE YOU? SELECTOR By nappyj. Grade B (In this one, even though there are no result links, you get a feel for punk verses bunk!)
  • HOW PUNK/ANARCHIST ARE YOU? SELECTOR By KYLE COOK. Grade A (This is a grade-A plus test! If you want to know exactly where you stand in the punk ranks, take this test!!!)
  • HOW PUNKY IS YOUR PUNKY SELECTOR By Toby. Grade B (This test helps you explore your degrees of punk-ness)
  • KIND OF PUNK SELECTOR By Ben Kolb. Grade C (This test has a lot of results--leading to a more accurate answer, but it needs to be grammatically edited badly!)
  • KINDA PUNK SELECTOR By kyle. Grade A (Another smashing good test by a "Kylie" (perhaps the same Kylie as the Anarchist test above) EXCELLENT) Includes results links
  • KINDA PUNK DO YOU REALLY LIKE SELECTOR By Lennie. Grade B (This lets you know what type of punk you are--for those that already know they are punk)
    Not Necessarily Tested Punk Quizzes
  • Which CT punk are you? (Punk ) By Whitey
  • which mcr band member are u most like? By MCR LUVER
  • are you punk,indie or a complete idiot By chad carr bitch
  • is punk dead By mebo
  • r u a punk (hey jacob its ben) By BEN "PYRO" COLE
  • My Weird, Pathetic, Little World.. By Under-Taken_Soul
  • MTP By Natsu
  • Are you hardcore By blahblah
  • do you think your punk ? By A & E
  • Old shcool punk band selector By Brin
  • how big a poser are you By Gerrard Picard
  • How U Spend Weekends... By chuckieismyname
  • Are u even Punk? By Axl
  • Do you even care/ punk or poser. By Addiction
  • Do you know true punk? By Buddha Priestz
  • What kinda rocker are you? By eviethegreat
  • *Which Punk Rawk Band R U?* By BenjisPunker44
  • a real test of your punkness By rianne1134
  • Punk or Poser By nikki
  • punk, prep, poser, or goth By colorless_rainbow
  • Are you more Punk or Goth By xXJessieXx0027
  • Are you a punk rawker? By Carissa
  • Wat Punk Rock Band would u like? By BaconBear007
  • Are you a punk RaWkEr Or A ToTaL PoSeR? By PUNK DRUMMER1028
  • punk enough?? By Nikki
  • Punk Type By Joe Grinstead
  • are you a punk or prep By rebecca
  • Which Vampire are you? By Ringwraith9
  • Braindead or Revolutionary By Blibblob
  • What kind of Punk are YOU? By crusty punk
  • Are You A Punk Rocker By Rocker Punk
  • r u punk??? By sara
  • Crazy crazy crazy crazy r u as crazy as MOI? find out! By Audrinagothgurl
  • what are you? By pogofiend138
  • Which member of simple plan r u most like? By sk8ergurlshorty
  • Which simple plan member are you most like? (improved) By sk8ergurlshorty
  • ultimate punk selector By callum mellis and callum ...
  • What type of band would you be in in the Future By sneaky_snoo
  • Are You screw society media material By Hriskai
  • Are you Prep or Punk? By Strip
  • How well do you know the distillers By xelliex
  • what REAL kind of punk are you. not fake, stupid kind By vannabanana138
  • Are you a punk or a prep? By TiGhTdUdE18
  • Ultimate Punk Genre Selector By Cyanid
  • what type of punk are you? By unknown13
  • Are you REALLY a Punk? By Nich Schwartz
  • Do you know what goth is? By doomramen
  • what are you? By Casey Kukowski2029
  • Which Fall Out Boy Song Are You? By brittonrae
  • What Kind of Rocker Are You? Hmm? By Frank The Cowboy
  • What Kind Of Goth / Punk Are You? By Cyanid
  • Are you a poser? By XeroFreak
  • Don't see it? Find it here:
  • MEMBER OF SF PUNK SELECTOR By sfpunkquiz. Grade A (This is a pretty cool test! And, the result links are funny) Includes results links
  • MEMBER OF TERRORIFIC SELECTOR By justin schock. Grade C (Hey, this is an interesting test) Includes results links
  • NEW FOUND GLORY MEMBER SELECTOR By jen_uine. Grade C (The result links don't work, but at least you know which member you are.) Includes results links
  • PUNK BAND SELECTOR By Benjis_bondage biotch. Grade A (This is a test with awesome results). Includes results links
  • PUNK BAND SELECTOR By Kat. Grade A (Even though there are no result links, the questions rock!) Includes results links. Popular
  • PUNK BAND SELECTOR By JUSTMEOKAY. Grade A (The result links are awesome, and the questions are good) Includes results links
  • PUNK BAND SELECTOR By Hot Pants and Hot Skirts. Grade B (You can't add the results to your site, but the images are fantastic!) Includes results links
  • PUNK BAND WOULD YOU LIKE? SELECTOR By bob the baker. Grade B (This quiz is by a true punk fan!)
  • PUNK ENOUGH? SELECTOR by deserie. Grade B (This is a pretty good test, with right to the point results) Popular
  • PUNK MUSIC SELECTOR By shorty michell burke. Grade C (This quiz is short and sweet)
  • PUNK ROCK STYLE SELECTOR By god. Grade B (This test has so many styles, you are sure to find yourself)
  • PUNK ROCKER SELECTOR By Cranapplecorpse. Grade B (This test is pretty balanced)
  • PUNK SONG SELECTOR by erikairate. Grade B (This test displays fine musical taste) Includes results links
  • PUNK SUBGENRE IS BEST FOR YOU? SELECTOR By the almighty rand. Grade A (This test is different, not like any other on the list. Very Creative)
  • PUNK? SKIN? WHAT TYPE? SELECTOR By Buckets. Grade B (This is an interesting test--you can tell by the title)
  • PURPLE MOON ROCKETT'S WORLD CHARACTER SELECTOR By rockettm. Grade B (This is a short test with cool result links that you can't add to your site) Includes results links
  • SC PUNK SELECTOR By Saturnine. Grade C (They are working on a new layout, so you can't see your results. The test is fun, though) Includes results links
  • SIDE OF BECCA SELECTOR By becca. Grade A (Becca rulez!) Includes results links
  • THE PUNK TEST SELECTOR By ben friday. Grade C (The test questions are cool, but the results are too wordy! Needs a pic-result link) Includes results links
  • VELVET-MASQUERADE MEMBER SELECTOR By Megaraptor. Grade B (The test is fun, and the result links are very cool to add to a site)
    Not Necessarily Tested Punk Quizzes
  • Would me and you get along???? By iknoitshard2fall
  • punk.. or prep!! By <-me-> ?
  • 1-What kind of punk are you? Made for s! By Malgilwen
  • the tommy dude By Tommy Dockree
  • What kind of punk are you? By souza
  • How Anti-Prep are you? By superpunk
  • How well do u know afi? By chaosrealm
  • Are you a straight-edge punk? By sXe_PuNkEr
  • r u conformist By Emiri
  • how an awfull punk are you. By odinn
  • body art selector By Erica
  • How well do you know AFI? By chaosrealm
  • goth, punk or prep (for guys) By lokithewraith
  • Are you actually real goth? By Holly Fisher
  • Are you goth/punk? By Sheena Psycho
  • death 2 all preps By donna and lindsay
  • What kind of punk r u By PUNKANARCHISTSCATTERED
  • un-ordinary punk-or-not selector By Charlotte
  • What Kind of punk are you? By fuckyou
  • what is your element By seth
  • think your punk, maybe anarchist... or could be goth, we'll see about that! By Stormcrow
  • waht punk band are you? By littleknowitall
  • freaks By freaky steve
  • What Punk Song Are You? By littleknowitall41
  • What type of piercing should I get ? By Industrogoth
  • What are you most like? By Drummer_Punk
  • Are you Goth or just a poser? By Rachael
  • Are you goth or not? By hardcore4life
  • Are you punk? By duhface
  • By Nikki Micelli
  • Punk or someting else By Fluffy
  • are you cool? By no
  • Punk or Prune By Jennifer
  • How Jittle are you? By dasuberfox
  • my punk site By Kelsey
  • Which Kent punk are you? By Jonny Unreliable
  • What Kind Of Ska Would You Like? By Cyanid
  • What Kind Of Gothpunk Are You? By Cyanid
  • Are you what you labeled goth? By bryan diaz
  • Are you really punk?? By ZzZgcXdreamerZzZ
  • Are you a 4 HB pencil? By Anna S
  • What sort of work is best for you? What kind of employment would you like?
    A career suiting my talents & interests.
    A career requiring a high school diploma.
    Good, high-paying gig economy jobs. What place is ideal for your next move?
    Where would you rather live?
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