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Gov. Bill Richardson - Democrat
(Born November 15, 1947) Secretary, US Department of Energy, US ambassador to the United Nations
  • War authorization: "The only surge we need in Iraq is a diplomatic one. We need to withdraw American troops from Iraq this year, redeploy our men and women to Afghanistan and other international terrorism hotspots, and reinvigorate our diplomacy throughout the Middle East. We need a political solution to the Iraq crisis, not a military one" Source
  • Security/liberties: “It is important, especially now that Congress is evaluating the impact of the Patriot Act, that we send the message that New Mexico opposes the infringement of civil rights and liberties,” said Governor Bill Richardson. “The United States can fight the war against terrorism without eroding America’s precious freedoms.” Source
  • Social Security: "On Social Security reform, the governors sent a letter to the president laying out three governing principles: Number one, any reform has to be fiscally responsible by not continuing to explode the budget deficit; number two, that a solution be bipartisan; and number three, that we should not break our promise to our seniors and our young people to cut benefits." --Richardson Source
  • Stem cell research: Richardson submitted to the New Mexico Legislature a budget that includes a one-time $3.8 million funding request and $2.2 million in annual funding to build a facility for stem cell research. (Rubel, Alamogordo Daily News, 1/26/2007).
  • Same sex issues: Opposes same sex marriage. In 2005, however, Richardson said that he would sign DOIMA, but only if it had a civil union component that would protect same-sex couples. Source
  • Trade issues: Free trader. Supports NAFTA, GATT, & WTO.
  • Budget issues: "He consistently supported a balanced budget amendment, underscoring his belief that government should live within its means." Source
  • Business & labor issues: While his free trade stance is at odds with labor unions, he is sympathetic to unions, "We completed negotiations on a state employees union contract, fulfilling the mandate of the Legislature in returning collective bargaining rights to state employees and giving our state workers the right once again to enjoy the benefits of union membership." --State of the State address Source
  • Abortion issues: Voted "no" on congressional bill Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995. Source
  • Capital punishment: "In rare situations, the death penalty is the appropriate penalty." Source
  • Marijuana: Supports medical marijuana, but not legalization for recreational use. Source
  • Gun control: Received a endorcement from the NRA Source
  • Minimum wage: Voted "yes" on congressional Minimum Wage Increase bill 1996. Source
  • Health care: We must work to provide health insurance and access to quality, affordable health care, for all Americans and frankly we'd save a lot of money by doing it. We're spending hundreds of billions of dollars every year paying the costs of health care for the uninsured. In New Mexico, a poor state, we have faced huge health care challenges. However, we've extended health insurance to tens of thousands of New Mexicans -- kids, working families, and small businesses -- and we're working on a plan to cover every person. Source Richardson said he believes all Americans have a basic right to universal health care. Source
  • Prescription drugs: "For all seniors, I will enter into forceful negotiations with drug companies to obtain the largest possible price discounts. I agree with those who say prescription drug coverage for senior citizens is a federal responsibility, but we can't simply ignore the problem at the state level." Source
  • Environmental issues: One of five western governors to sign the anti-global warming "Western Regional Climate Action Initiative"
  • Immigration issues: " I think it's very impractical, whether it's 11 million or, as you said, possibly 20, to deport every one of these individuals. So what we need to do, I believe, is continue to tighten the borders, continue to get more Border Patrol. But what we also need, I believe, is a sensible legalization plan. Not amnesty, not automatic citizenship." Source
    Supports amnesty/permanent legalization for illegal aliens and temporary legalization for illegal aiens as guestworkers Source
    Supports amnesty/permanent legalization for illegal aliens and temporary legalization for illegal aiens as guestworkers Source
  • Education issues: Opposes school vouchers. "I would change No Child Left Behind," said Richardson to loud applause. "There's is nothing there for teacher enhancement." During his tenure as governor, Richardson said he raised teacher's wages while encouraging them to produce and holding them to accountability standards. He said he would like to see more emphasis on science, mathematics, and languages to make America more competitive at home and abroad. Source
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