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Tucker on Russel Brand's podcast
By HatetheSwamp
July 8, 2023 6:04 am
Category: Media

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I actually had to sign up for Rumble to see the whole thing. Apparently, it's true that free speech exists on Rumble to a greater degree than on YouTube.

I watched the whole Rumble podcast. It was awesome. Brand, on his own is too ADHD for me to handle but he's a superb interviewer.

He revealed things about Carlson that I'd never have imagined including that TUCKER CARLSON IS A RADICAL ENVIRONMENTIST whose only criticism of the environmental movement is that it's become impotent.

And, and get this. Carlson pulled a po in the interview. He dropped an effbomb. He actually said, "FuckYou." (Curt, I hope that you aren't busted for that.)

I found out that Tucker agrees with pb on a lot of issues. And, gang. He ain't conservative but he is at least as antiSwamp as Indy!. Much more than pb.

Brand and Carlson both got on famously because of their cynicism about the Swamp. I loved watching the chat because it was 100% unfettered cynicism about the Swamp and hatred of the Swamp.

And, my guess is that some of you might gain a more sympathetic understanding of Carlson if you watch...

Of course, you'll need to have at least a little freethinker in you.

If you have the courage, enjoy.

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