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How does the Doddering Old Fool define victory in Ukraine?
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Look who is endorsing Joe Biden for president.
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There's a labor shortage in the U.S. Why is it so hard for migrants to legally work?
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OK Donna, if not Joe Biden, who?
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pbGOP Nancy Mace on the mountain of evidence on Biden Family corruption...the government shutdown and McCarthy holding Speakership
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Defense spending bill up in flames amid House GOP conflagration
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Corporate Liberal Media Propaganda and Joe Biden
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Trump warns 'cognitively impaired' Biden will lead US into ‘World War II’
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If you watch the World Cup which begins tomorrow...
By Donna
November 20, 2022 11:26 am
Category: Entertainment

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... keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of poverty stricken men, mostly from Nepal and India, were part of an army of migrant workers who paid a heavy price for your entertainment, thousands of them with their lives.

"The Nepali government estimates that they are part of an ongoing exodus that has seen more than 25 percent of Nepal’s population migrate to work overseas since records related to such work started being collected in 1994."

"Nepal may have paid a higher price for its migrant labor than other nations. At least 2,100 Nepali workers have died in Qatar since 2010, the year it won the World Cup hosting rights, according to data collated by Nepal’s labor ministry. (Large numbers have died elsewhere, too: more than 3,500 in Malaysia; almost 3,000 in Saudi Arabia; at least 1,000 in the United Arab Emirates.)

These workers succumb to an array of ailments — premature heart attacks and unexplained heat-related health problems that one local official described as “environmental disadaptation” — that no one has committed to studying but will eventually kill thousands more of them. There have also been an alarming number of suicides over the past decade, with almost 200 recorded among Nepali migrant workers in Qatar.

Bishwa Raj Dawadi, a doctor on a committee that examines death certificates and migrant worker injuries for the labor ministry, has noticed another worrying trend: young laborers suffering from kidney failure after returning from the Gulf. He said many return to their villages without getting the treatment required; many die within two years of returning home.

“I am depressed because they are all young men,” he said.

The dead are disproportionately men between 20 and 45, all of whom would have undergone government-ordered medical exams before being allowed to work abroad. “It really is a mysterious thing because they are medically fit from here,” said Anjali Shrestha, an official at the foreign employment board. “Yes, of course people in Nepal also die. But not like this.”

Hundreds of those who return in coffins are categorized as “natural deaths,” and no autopsies are ever carried out.

Chaudhary, a heavyset man with a thin mustache, heads to the back of his home to fetch a bag. He reaches into it and pulls out a square bottle of orange and white capsules. They are part of a daily regimen he says is now required after having dizzy spells and collapsing while working under the desert sun. “It’s hot,” he said, “but what are we going to do?”"

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