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'Doomsday glacier,' which could raise sea level by several feet, is holding on 'by its fingernails,' scientists say
By Donna
September 5, 2022 9:49 pm
Category: Science & Nature

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I wouldn't want to be living on the Florida peninsula or in the New Orleans area.

It's just a matter of time before this happens. In 2021, a study showed the Thwaites Ice Shelf, which helps to stabilize the glacier and hold the ice back from flowing freely into the ocean, could shatter within five years.


"Antarctica’s so-called “doomsday glacier” – nicknamed because of its high risk of collapse and threat to global sea level – has the potential to rapidly retreat in the coming years, scientists say, amplifying concerns over the extreme sea level rise that would accompany its potential demise.

The Thwaites Glacier, capable of raising sea level by several feet, is eroding along its underwater base as the planet warms. In a study published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists mapped the glacier’s historical retreat, hoping to learn from its past what the glacier will likely do in the future."


And in a related story...

'A glaring red flag': Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists predicts a hellish near future for continental Europe

Much of Europe has been in the grip of a powerful drought, the worst in at least 500 years, that has wreaked havoc on natural ecosystems, crops, and many sectors of the economy. Water use has been severely limited in many countries, with drinking water having to be trucked in to more than 100 towns in France. Many European rivers are hitting record low water levels, with major implications on crop and power production, and fluvial shipping. Italy’s Po River, whose basin accounts for 40 percent of the country’s agricultural production, shrunk significantly, jeopardizing the rice harvest. The Loire in France could be crossed on foot in places, while the Rhine fell so low that shipping had to be severely reduced, causing important supply issues in Switzerland and Germany. High river temperatures have forced power plants to lower production and also lowered oxygen levels, threatening fish populations. Stored water volumes in reservoirs are particularly low in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, limiting hydropower production. Yields of major crops are expected to fall by at least 10-20 percent due to precipitation deficits and water restrictions, while livestock culls may soon occur as farmers already tap into their winter food supplies. Falling river levels have also led to saltwater intrusions near the coasts that further threaten agricultural production. The combination of drought and high temperatures has created ideal temperatures for wildfires. As of August 27, 740,000 hectares had been lost to the flames across the European Union, about three times the average for this time of year. Spain, Portugal, Romania and France have been particularly hard hit.

Summer heat waves have been becoming more frequent and intense in Europe, and at a much faster rate than at comparable latitudes. There was one in 2003, 2010, 2015, 2018, 2019, and now 2022; the list of heat wave summers is growing longer rapidly, and it seems that the continent may literally be turning into a 'hotspot.' Climate change is blamed for this recent trend, but what makes Europe, especially its southern half, a 'hotspot' for climate change?

Cited and related links:


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Comments on "'Doomsday glacier,' which could raise sea level by several feet, is holding on 'by its fingernails,' scientists say":

  1. by islander on September 6, 2022 11:48 am

    "Back in the 1990s, I listened to Rush Limbaugh once in a while. One morning, he had Dixie Lee Ray on his show.

    She had been a practicing biological scientist and later served as the governor of Washington. She wanted to talk about the question of global warming. She said something to the effect that there was no real evidence for it. I still remember Limbaugh chortling (that is the descriptive word for his out-loud laughter), "There's no global warming! There's no global warming! There's no global warming!"

    Over the years, Limbaugh and his followers made fun of the idea of global warming whenever it got cold, or it snowed. The fact that winters did not disappear immediately is not a disproof of global warming, but the right-wing propaganda machine used cold weather to make fun of the idea of global warming. You could hear talk radio hosts and politicians respond to any cold spell with, "So how's your global warming now?" They backed this illogic with statements by a few professional climate change deniers who concentrated on ad hominem arguments against one particular line of evidence. They ignored all the rest of the evidence."

    Continue on the link below...

  2. by HatetheSwamp on September 6, 2022 1:41 pm

    One of the early Agatha Christie Poirot short stories has Poirot splaining to Captain Hastings that the world is cooling by 3 degrees every 1,000 years...conventional wisdom in the 1920s and 30s.

    Having just finished Ron Chernow's biography of US Grant, I'm now working on Brad Thor's, BLACK ICE, which, early on in the novel, accepts climate change as a reality but explores its positive aspects.

  3. by islander on September 6, 2022 2:31 pm

    The link below is an interesting article.

    What surprised me was the difference a few degrees can make in the planet’s climate. The average world temperature at the height of the ice age when much of North America was under kilometers of ice was 7.8° C (46F) It only had to warm up 6° C to the present average of 14°C (57F) to bring about the incredible change in climate from a baron, ice covered frozen landscape, to the climate we have today! It makes ya realize that when climate scientists talk about the climate warming 1.5 or 2 degrees centigrade or so over 50 years, it sound like practically nothing, but what a huge effect it can have on our planet !!

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Comment on: "'Doomsday glacier,' which could raise sea level by several feet, is holding on 'by its fingernails,' scientists say"

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