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Welcome to The Post

By Curt Anderson
December 27, 2019 12:02 am
Category: Journalism

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The new programming here has been custom-made for by a good friend of mine. We won't be dependent on others to make upgrades. We already have ideas for future improvements. We are always open to suggestions.

We dispensed with the old email-based registration system. No emails will be collected and saved in any database. We don't collect any personally identifiable information. Note to hackers: you are wasting your time. There's nothing here for you. Bother somebody else!

I appreciate good writing. News sites were our paradigm and inspiration in the organization and layout of The Post. We want The Post to appeal to writers and their readers rather than to virtual hecklers. We designed the format so the opening posts--which henceforth are called articles--look more like news stories and less like circus advertisements.

As an article writer you can:

  • Present your article in a clean, journalistic look with all the font basics.
  • Access a library of stock images, which we will update with topical faces and places. With a click of a button you can use these photos to illustrate your articles.
  • Use multiple images from outside sources which we will resize so they fit on the page but can be expanded to full size.
  • Display a YouTube video with your article. Not just a link to a YouTube, but have it visible and playing with your article.
  • Select your topic category and an appropriate graphic will adorn your article. We encourage your thoughts on politics, religion, history, sports, philosophy, movies, books and more than dozen other broad categories.
  • Use the expanded selection of emojis for more nuanced emoting.

    People who start threads are especially appreciated here. The Post places more emphasis on the articles than on the comments below the article. We want the article to be the topic of conversation.

    We make it easy to comment on the articles. Quickly include links to informative sources and YouTubes. Display any image.

    When visitors open The Post they will see a current article in its entirety. While catchy headlines are still important, every article will for at least a while be featured for all to see in its entirety, with images, videos and the written word to compel the readers' attention.

    Power in numbers
    In the same way people have rated the selectors on, people will be able to rate the articles that appear here. When an article is rated, its headline (linked to your article) will appear along with the other most-recently rated items on thousands of pages throughout the site and in front of thousands of visitors.

    Sort and display
    The sidebar allows readers to sort and display articles in a variety of ways. As the number of The Post articles inevitably grows, this feature will become handier.

    While we realize that you might miss the old forum, we hope you understand why this change was necessary and become a regular here at The Post. Everybody, including members of the old forum, who want to post here will need to join. Click the "Join" button above this article. As previously noted you can do so without any risk to your privacy and security.

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    1. by Curt Anderson on December 28, 2019 11:14 am
      See the update regarding the forum and The Post at the link cited below...

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