Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 20 Who from my school are you most like and do I like you? results of 9 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Who from my school are you most like and do I like you?.

#1 33.3%
Ellis Glass I like you 16/20. You're so amazing to talk to and smart!
#2 22.2%
Klaz and Mog I like you 19/20. You're a total legendess! You're so random and funny.
#3 11.1%
Chris Ferry I like you 2/20. Its not that I can't stand you, its that you can't stand me :D
#4 11.1%
Danielle Granger I like you 8/20 SSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
#5 11.1%
Hollie Johnson. I like you 20/20. I love you Hollie, you're so perfect. Too perfect for me.
#6 11.1%
Toby Croft I like you 13/20. You have to be a legend of Grammar on a dish!
#7 0.0%
Alex Masterton I like you 10/20 You're the only person I haven't talked to in my year
#8 0.0%
Charlotte Ward I like you 9/20 Haha, Wilkie fancies you!
#9 0.0%
Dan Weeks I like you 12/20. You're really open but so damn funny!
#10 0.0%
Emily Best I like you 3/20 'Why don't people like me? COS UR A BITCH!'
#11 0.0%
Jack Bichard I like you 5/20 You're loud and fail in life :D
#12 0.0%
Jack Lawrence I like you 11/20 You're hilarious. Also clever and stupid at the same time.
#13 0.0%
James Martinson I like you 6/20 Fine call me emo bitch, but I'm not the one who CUTS MYSELF!
#14 0.0%
Jonny and Eti I like you 15/20 You're such a funny pair. Both fat and proud.
#15 0.0%
Jordy Galliene I like you 7/20 You love yourself
#16 0.0%
Matt Martel I like you 4/20 You spread fake rumours about me. I don't like you.
#17 0.0%
Sasha Duquemin I like you 17/20 You're an immense person and I know you'll succeed
#18 0.0%
Sophie Skillet I like you 14/20. You're hilarious! Cares so much aswell.
#19 0.0%
Tom Russell. I like you 18/20. You're a fucking brilliant mate.
#20 0.0%
Tosti I like you 1/20 I hate your guts! I want you to die :D

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