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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Trickster's Choice Character Are You?.

#1 47.9%
Aly- The cunning, mischievous, and headstrong heroine!
#2 19.4%
Nawat Crow- The innocent, mischievous, loving, and loyal boy full of magic
#3 10.1%
Alana- A brave, strong leader and distant but loving mother to Aly
#4 5.5%
Dove- The wise and underappreciated princess with a hidden talent
#5 4.6%
Kyprioth- The god of Mischief who carries a heart full of purpose and tricks
#6 3.1%
Ochobu (The mage, if I spelled her name right...)- Full of pride and prejudice
#7 2.3%
Chenaol- A kind but strict underground leader
#8 2.1%
Bronau- A man of the Royal Court, he is tricky, full of betrayal, and vein
#9 2.0%
Sarai- The beautiful, brave, but not quite perfect princess
#10 1.6%
Duke and Duchess- Kind but naive rulers
#11 1.3%
George- A rouge with a heart of gold, husband to Alana and father to Aly

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