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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Hogwarts House Welcomes You?.

#1 37.2%
Welcome to Hufflepuff! While many people may see you as a duffer this is not true! You are a reular pillar of society: sweet, tolerant.loyal, just, and hardworking in school and in the office. Chances are, you stand up for victims of abuse, help the poor, and may evenbe fighting for an end to warfare. How you find time for all that is beyond me! Believe me, others notice all the good that you do and while many will admire you for it, some will try to drag you down. As you are quick to help others and slow to see plots, people will try to take advantage of you. Tip: It's okay to treat yourself as well as you treat others!
#2 27.2%
Welcome to Gryffindor, home of the brave! You are probably a bold person who wil stand up for yourself, your convictions, your family, and your friends. You are a rebel in society, spotting trouble spots in the rules and rectifying them by flaunting them. While your courage and desire to improve the world is great, you should learn to consider your means. Tip: Look before you leap.
#3 19.6%
Welcome to Ravenclaw, home of those with a ready mind! As you may have guessed, Ravenclaw is the home of the scholars. Chances are, you love reading and studying, and always follow the rules and strive to please those in authority. Also, you have a brilliant mind, which you are filling with as much knowledge as possible. You probably have a great life and your life is devoted to finding out the truth and applying it to your life. Your vices arise from your virtues. As you spend so much time studying or lost in a world of thought, you don't tend to interact with others so you many be perceived as cold and lofty. You may enjoy a career as a doctor or teacher. Tip: Try to remember there is a world outside that wonderful book you're reading.
#4 16.0%
Welcome to Slytherin! I can imagine that many people won't be happy to see this result, but don't feel too bad! Slytherins are not evil; they are merely everday people trying to be sucessful. Chances are, you are ambitiuos, set in your ways, shrewd, and resourceful. With your cunning nature and understanding of the human mind and nature, you would make a great politician or businessmen. On the dark side, you can be overly sarcastic and a bit of a bully. Also, you may be selfish and harbor prejudices aginst others. Tip: Try to help others instead of dragging them down.

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