Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 3 What is your parenting style? results of 1353 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What is your parenting style?.

#1 81.0%
The guiding parent. You're invested in your child, but you still let them learn on their own. You are still around to keep an eye on things when your child needs you, but you're willing to let them have some freedom to grow and learn for themselves.
#2 12.3%
The overbearing nanny parent. Involvement with your child is great, but trying to protect them from everything in life isn't. Kids need to learn how to react to different situations themselves sometimes, without the direct interference of parents.
#3 6.7%
The aloof parent. You need to have a more direct influence in your child's life. Kids need space to learn on their own, but they also need guidance on how to make good choices in life.

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