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#1 33.0%
You are a Defender of Victory, the number one protector of humanity and its place in the galaxy of Nova Refuge. You are a defender of freedom, which can only be obtained through law and order. You are a defender of peace, which can only be bought through vigilance and strength of arms. You are a defender of justice, which must be carried out fairly but effectively. If any threaten to disrupt the path to true peace and justice, you stand ready to engage them in honorable warfare. - Image, info & link
#2 17.0%
You are a Mercenary of Grimm's Army. You are a tough and able fighter, but believe no country, not even your own, is worth dying for. Instead, you fight for yourself, selling your services to the highest bidder. Your methods are your own, your weapons are personally chosen and highly customized. You will use any method you choose to defeat your enemy and accomplish your objectives... and turn on any ally if the price is right. No laws can bind you; you do as you please. You are a soldier of fortune. - Image, info & link
#3 13.8%
You are a Follower of Helexith. No enemy can stand against the might of your people, those who follow the flag of the mighty Fire God Helexith. Your hordes will drive forth any enemy, take any world, and subjugate its population. Those you cannot take... you burn. For this galaxy is yours by right, and you will extend your borders to its very limits, snuffing out those lesser forms of life who are not even worthy to gaze upon your stars. Through sheer overwhelming power and force of numbers, your people have never, ever known defeat. - Image, info & link
#4 12.2%
You are a Soldier of Xarkon, the richest and most powerful human faction in Nova Refuge. You strive every day to meet your four tenets: Honor, Bravery, Loyalty, Supremacy. You will root out the weak and glorify the strong. You will follow the strength of the Crown and spread the power of Xarkon to the far reaches of the galaxy. You do not know fear, disloyalty, or treachery, and above all... you do not know defeat. - Image, info & link
#5 10.9%
You are a Defender of Yavakaro. Shadow and mystery are your shield and your weapon, even as your philosophers praise the light and wisdom that glorify your culture. Your people are some of the most brilliant scientists in the galaxy, with access to some of the most advanced technology, yet at the same time are artistic, spiritually enlightened, and philosophical. Peace is your ultimate goal, and war is a last resort, but if the need for war comes, you are ready to use all of your knowledge and technology to defend your way of life. - Image, info & link
#6 7.8%
You are a Keeper of Harmony. Living in harmony with your fellow creatures is your earthly goal, and you know that an eternal spiritual reward awaits you at your final destination. The affairs of others do not concern you; you keep to yourself and leave others to their own ways. Peace is your natural state, and warfare is always a last resort, but you are ready to fight when threatened, and even the mighty Helexith Coalition could not stand against you in battle. Your people are the oldest and wisest inhabitants of Nova Refuge- Image, info & link
#7 4.9%
You are a Soldier of Zygbar. You fight for what you believe and will suffer no man to tell you otherwise. Your rage against those who would control you knows no bounds, and the methods you would use to win know no limitations. For hundreds of years, chaos has ruled your country, and it continues to do so today, as different factions vie to overthrow the current corrupt regime. But Zygbar thrives in chaos, and chaos can be a weapon as well. You will persevere against all odds, and by any means necessary.r - Image, info & link
#8 0.5% - Image, info & link

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