Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 8 Nothing Whatsoever! Random Test results of 17 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Nothing Whatsoever! Random Test.

#1 58.8%
Obviously cosmic, twirling through space, very good.
#2 11.8%
Crap is a four letter word for your results for this test, i guess.
#3 11.8%
You were right about the fate of the universe! Might even rival the randomness of Lord Grr. : o
#4 5.9%
NOOOOO throw out a life preserver S/he's not gonna make it!
#5 5.9%
They should be making more above average slackers like you, good effort.
#6 5.9%
You are still in range of the white noise, but your aunt just caught u staring down her blouse.
#7 0.0%
Dwindling into something that you might not get out of. Space, that is.
#8 0.0%
Good enough to fool your science teacher.

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