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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for How evil are you?.

#1 25.0%
Psycho - You're completely evil to yourself and others. You are a bit.. um.. scary and should watch more Coronation Street, Where the heart is, etc. Actually, no, come to think of it those programs are so happy it's just WRONG, dag nab it!
#2 24.4%
Death Fairy - You crave power and think of yourself as supernatural. You're dream is to be able to do anything you want and control everyone. You would rule the world and make people suffer just for the sake of it mwahahahaha!
#3 21.8%
Force for good - You're like an action hero or something, always fighting for what's right. You're the type of person people wanna make a movie about! You're an inspiration to us all...sniff....sniff
#4 10.5%
Bitch - You don't always think of others, but your relatively normal. You can sometimes be selfish and mean, but you can change. Not everyone will like you, so try not to be so heartless.
#5 9.2%
Saint - You're totally good in every way. Just like Mary Poppins, I suppose. You always think of others instead of yourself but some people may find your extreme goodness, well, more than a bit freaky!
#6 4.0%
Normal - You're normal, umm, yeah and that's about it.
#7 3.0%
Lost soul - You are evil, but it's more due to your upbringings, experiences etc. To put it simply you gotta lot of baggage dangling around you.
#8 1.2%
Darling - Everyone luvs ya cos your sweet as sugar and genuinely nice. You are caring, but not overly so, and people find you adorable like a cute lil fluffy bunny!!!
#9 0.8%
Dark-sider - You can sometimes be a bit evil, but more henchman evil than evil genius. You lead two separate lives, I mean whilst you appear perfectly likeable to people, I'm sure your inner monologue is shouting out insults.
#10 0.0%
Innocent Bystander - You tend to just hang around viewing what others do wrong, and not doing and good/evil yourself. That's a good thing, I suppose, but bystanding too much evil could drag you down.
#11 0.0%
Rebel - I would say that you were more different than evil. I think people just find it hard to work you out, as you see the world from a different point of view than everyone else.
#12 0.0%
Goody-two-shoes - You don't wanna do things wrong in case you get into trouble, so you always do your homework on time, stuff like that. Anyways you should try to loosen up a bit more.

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