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Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 10 Which type of vampire are you? results of 2272 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which type of vampire are you?.

#1 28.3%
Romantic - drawn to the sensual elements of "the dark embrace of a fallen angel".
#2 17.3%
Narcissistic - seek the freedom to unleash their most violent impulses without guilt or reprisal.
#3 14.6%
You probably wanted to know if you where Dracula or Nosperatu - self explanatory.
#4 10.9%
Mystical - embrace the darkest elements of magic to gain a higher state of being.
#5 9.2%
Occult - self described member of a race magical beings destined to feed on and rule mankind.
#6 7.4%
Blood fetishist - draw to the erotic elements of blood and the drinking there of.
#7 4.9%
"Real" vampire - fear the sun and believe they must drink blood to live.
#8 3.4%
Outsider - stands in the shadows outside of a world filled with injustice and hypocrisy.
#9 3.3%
Psychic - feed off of the life energy of those around you, generally without realizing it.
#10 0.7%
Fan - fascinated with vampire culture but dose not wish to take part in it.

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