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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What animal are you?.

#1 46.4%
Cat. You're a house cat, but you don't care. You like luxury and comfy areas. And what's better than sleeping on a pile of blankets next to fire? Nothing! You don't need to be active all the time but it's good to go outside, stretch your legs and stop to smell the catnip! No doubt when someone's sad you cheer them up. Or when someone needs some space, you give them just enough.
#2 39.1%
Dog. You're man's best friend and proud of it! You love playing, eating, and playing! Did I mention playing? You especially love doing it with another friend. There's nothing greater than the outdoors and just observing everything. It's fun to be in a pack! You may not be feral, but that doesn't mean you cant have a good time! You love friends, especially new ones! And when someone's sad, you'll give them more than a big hug! A bunch of things that you know your friend loves! And if they need space, you might give them more than they need.
#3 8.7%
Wolf. You're a tough alpha that knows how to protect your pack. You're no doubt the top dog and can fight to protect your title. With power comes responsibility. But don't worry. You know that, and hardly abuse your power. But it's fun to go over the top sometimes. As long as you fix it later. You know how to lead and you let other dogs know! Howl to the moon, bro!
#4 5.8%
Tiger. You're a fierce wildcat that knows how to protect your territory. You're solitary but can travel with family if you want. You're the biggest wildcat in the animal world and makes sure everyone knows it. You're sly,cunning and knows how to track down your prey! And can definitely protect your cubs! Watch out,antelope! You're at the top of the food chain!
#5 0.0%
Hybrid. You're a cross between animals. You know what you are and you stick by it. You have everything that a feral or domestic animal has. Especially being a good friend to your group. No doubt, you know your place.

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